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  1. I'm looking to freshen this script up, so if anyone has some suggestions on how things should work better/new features please drop me a PM!
  2. I'm looking to freshen this script up, so if anyone has some suggestions on how things should work better/new features please drop me a PM!
  3. Thank you for the feedback, highly appreciated! 1. Good point, I assume it's quite common for people to choose a pattern though, not totally random (either from top or bottom) 2. I believe you are mistaken here, it should misclick once in a while 3. The banking depends on the ABC seed your account has been assigned, it will choose a pattern, which may be either using the booth of the banker, 4. That sounds interested and definitely unexpected, I'll see if I can reproduce this otherwise could you drop me a gif/video or show me? Many people have achieved 99 thieving, which good botting practices, it's possible!
  4. Druid

    1 month waiting for a private scritpt scam?

    This isn't a true account of the situation and is being discussed with the appropriate parties (USA/TRiLez/Duk121). What hasn't been mentioned is the fact that I am effectively just selling him credits for BTC, which I have already started to transfer to him to use on the repository, but didn't have the full balance at the time, hence delaying transferring the rest until the script has been completed. The fact that the script hasn't been delivered yet is true, there have been some unexpected delays in the script, due to personal reasons, which I'm not going to go into detail about, but I can assure you the script will be delivered shortly. The reason for why I accepted BTC is because the script was of significant value ($475) and I don't wish to be a victim of a charge back, since as you know credits can be purchased through PayPal and the user doesn't exactly have any sort of reputation and could quite easily charge back.  Since the credits WILL be put through the repository and this was made clear from the beginning with Duk121, I don't believe this is against the rules (there is no rule that credits can't be sold or delayed payment until a script is complete) as the full balance will be posted through the repository, as I explained when he initially purchased the script. I'm not trying to pull a fast one as you may think, so hopefully this clears that up. Duk121 will happy confirm the above and we have chat logs to prove it. Hope this clears it up, feel free to shoot me a PM if anyone wants to.
  5. The auto trading addon is now free! FYI, this script is scheduled to be revamped very soon, expect some new cool features!
  6. Running progressive mode in a F2P world will use F2P locations. If you choose another location yourself, make sure it's in the F2P world.
  7. Please could you provide some more information, it's working fine as far as I can see. See the following thread:
  8. Make sure you only select locations that are supported in F2P, or it will try to run to P2P loacations. Congratulations on 99 woodcutting, glad I could help! Going to be creating a new sig soon!
  9. Appears the tribot API doesn't support that specific bank chest, I'll need to add it myself. Leave this with me and I'll sort it asap. Edit: I've now updated to support bank chests not supported by the client.
  10. Fixed about 15 minutes ago. If you still believe to be having issues, add me on Skype (druid.tb).
  11. Yes it does all of that. Fixed in today's update Are you referring to script arguments? if not, there is a dropdown on the first tab to allow you to load a saved profile (Create a profile first).
  12. Druid

    Master Walker AIO

    At present, none. I'll add some right now for you Edit: I've added some script arguments, see the main thread post for details