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  1. Not sure if you know, but yeah, the script is broken after update, just does nothing @Netami.
  2. Ive restarted it several times - Its not a bug with tribot, seeing as TRI combat fighter is doing just dandy.
  3. Can't believe people dare to use this - just by taking a look at the cursor movement makes me say, that this is a horrible script. It literally moves the mouse for an inch every few seconds - which nobody does.
  4. The bot keeps clicking the same sand crab over and over again, very very detectable imho. Debug: Something attacked us before we could retaliate.
  5. So I was thinking to myself the other day, seeing as I like babysitting my bots, that every now and then I would tab out from the bot, and then do something manually on the screen like checking the exp or relocate... that when I move my mouse off the screen and the bot moves it .. let's say central on the screen, and I tab in again and move my mouse, my cursor would be teleporting to the part of the screen where I drag my mouse from. Is that a problem? like in terms of picking that information up, cause it basically is a teleporting cursor. Thanks in advance!
  6. FIXED: Ya'll gotta remember to let the bot place the cannon itself, had to scroll for quite a few pages in here to find that info. So the cannon option seems to be broken, ive tried every possible combination of settings to make it work. It does not reload the cannon no matter what. Before you answer, I've tried everything. Putting reload on different seconds while ticking reload when stop firing off - and the other way around, no reload time but reload when it stops firing. I've also tried to remove the safe spot cause I thought that might make the bot not want to move to reload. I've tried no fighting option, removed the ogres from target aswell. I've tried with target, and it just keeps killing ogres, but does not touch the cannon at all. Am I doing something wrong? if not, please fix
  7. Do u have like general break handlers for various scripts, or did u customize one for NMZ only?
  8. Fairly good question here: I bought a proxy, but accidentally made my main log in while on that proxy. My proxy is set in a different country..... would it be unwise to log on to OSbuddy now with my main? seeing as that would probably set me in my home-country, which is not the same as the proxy. Please, I need answers
  9. what's the banrate on this one? I know its fairly new, but id like to hear if anyone got banned from using +5h?
  10. Is this broken? All I get is a time estimate in the upper left corner, no sounds whatsoever
  11. 3 accounts banned from running this with reasonable breaks, one of them only running for less than 8h (cutting oak in varrock), second cutting willows at seers, 3rd from yew cutting in seers.
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