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  1. You were condescending and now your playing the victim, when you through the first rock... 4head.
  2. The only way right now (that I know of) is to use Intellij's debugger, and enable class reloading. It's worse than JRebel because it won't allow any major structural changes.
  3. Without it, it feels like using a screwdriver when there's a drill next to you. You notice something funny during execution, it's fixed. Tribot's obfuscation is completely irrelevant, the only classes that are being reloaded are the ones that you modify and you're not modifying Tribots classes. It works on every other botting platform. JRebel provides the ability to hot-swap out classes that are currently loaded in the JVM Finally no, if you are properly catching exceptions you don't have to reload the script, you just fix what's throwing it and it stops being thrown. If you throw an NPE without proper handling it will crash like normal. You are so desperate to salvage yourself you keep going back to this completely irrelevant argument... I want my development environments to be the same, so fucking what. You've already demonstrated your mouth is larger than your dick so can you move on? It's like a virgin telling you "why need pussy when you got your hand?" because it's fucking better...
  4. Instead of clicking 3 buttons you can press a keybind. You don't have to restart the running script. idgaf about the time, it's an easier method because you can make changes on the fly.
  5. Haha sounds like you've never used it...
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