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  1. When using tick hunting with box traps it’ll turn the marrentil into paste but won’t recognise the other grimy herbs in my invent therefore it stops tick hunting any ideas ?
  2. Hey purchased script today, everytime i run it it says loading script, a pop up then occurs asking me to allow connection, before i can click on it the client freezes and i cant click on anything and have to reload. other scripts work fine?
  3. author doesnt respond, seems to be various issues with it.. would probably avoid getting this until he can be bothered to respond @daxmagex
  4. when trying to load the script its freezing when connecting to "Daxmagex.com" or whatever the sites called..
  5. does this support camelot teleport after diary to do course quicker?
  6. Does the script have the ability to "spam enchant" bolts for really fast xp or does it just do them 10 at a time?
  7. Any news on agility pyramid being added? I'd be happy to pay extra for it
  8. The script keeps telling me I'm not running the latest Java update when I definitely am and the GUI never loads, what am I doing wrong?
  9. Script has been working fine for months, go to load it up today using the settings I always do and it doesn't work. Appears to be the 'buying games?' check box on the combat side of the script that is stopping it.
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