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  1. I'm getting stuck, when I hit the start script button nothing happens and debug says "attempting to load last save" or something. Think the same issue happened last week too. Thanks for the quick fixes!
  2. Animal magnetism is still broken. Script tries to get ecto tokens without supplies and doesn't recognize ecto tokens in bank
  3. When starting animal magnetism, script continually attempts to get ecto tokens, regardless of if you already have some in the bank. The script also does not take any of the supplies (bucket, pot, bones) when it goes to get ecto tokens, so it just gets stuck.
  4. Same problem here. Script loads up, debug says "attempting to load last used save file" then script just gets stuck if you try to click the "start" button and nothing happens.
  5. I purchased a socks5 proxy from virmach and its working perfectly fine with maxthon browser, but I can't get tribot to connect to it. I've triple checked everything and all information was entered correctly, idk what the problem is.
  6. I am having the same problem with yourprivateproxy
  7. For some reason for the past week, whenever I create an account and take it through tutorial island manually on a fresh proxy, I get banned within 30 minutes without even using any scripts. Anyone dose have this problem? Using virmach btw
  8. Incredible script my man! Just a quick question, is there any advantage to using resizable mode? And I obviously know not to bot any account I'm not willing to lose, but anyone have advice on how to get the most bang for my buck and have accounts last longer?
  9. Are the click intervals random? And is the mouse speed human like?
  10. I ran the script perfectly fine a few days ago on my main to get dragon defender, but now I’m trying to get a mithril defender on an initiate pure and while gathering tokens the script will sometimes fail to pick back up the armor set from the ground, causing it to think I don’t have a mithril armor set thus ending the script
  11. Scipt has worked flawlessly the past few months I've been using it, however this morning when I start the script it says I don't have a rock cake in my inventory eventhough I do have it in my inventory. Maybe could be a problem from adding locator orb? I tried deleting hooks.dat to no avail. Thanks.
  12. What is the reaction time setting/ does it make the bot any “safer”
  13. I already had a WindScribe VPN subscription, but when I have it turned on tribot won’t load or if I turn it on after tribot loads it won’t show my scripts. Also, I’ve got a Virmach proxy that I purchased but can’t seem to get to work- I can’t seem to find the username or port anywhere in my proxy information? Anyone know what’s the problem? Thanks
  14. 85 mage 80 range with full ahrims/trident of swamp/ mages book/ infinity boots and god d hide/blowpipe getting 10-11 kph, with hardly any profit. Am I doing something wrong?
  15. So I’ve been using some combat scripts lately to bot slayer, mainly Optimus’s script. I noticed there is an option to set the mouse speed, I’m curious on what I should set it to for the safest results? As in how fast is typical human mouse speed? I think the default for the script is 150 so just curious how accurate that is
  16. I know this has probably been asked 1000 times, but what’s the safest/ most human like mouse speed?
  17. Pretty much just curious if using a proxy ONLY when I bot would make any difference? I currently play the account on my own IP but have had an account perm banned on my IP in the past about 6 months ago.
  18. Anybody use mage only option? How many kills/hour are you getting and what’s your magic and defense level? Also anyone know the kills/hour with 85 mage/range/def?
  19. Encountering an issue where the bot goes to bank at clan wars but the canopy over the bank chest is blocking th chest, but bot keeps trying to click where the bank chest would be. Ends up forcing logout due to the 8 minute logout timer.
  20. Does separating how much you bot into two separate accounts make any difference? Say instead of botting 6 hours a day on one account I bot 3 hours on two separate accounts but not at the same time?
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