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  1. What's the antiban like on this? Anyone have any negative feedback? Quite interested so far.
  2. I'm flattered by your jealousy and need to call me out, Shacoshen, and I'm even more flattered that people are using my avi on bb.com! For your information, the first account, Vestbrah, is my account. I'll happily change the avi to a photo taken in that exact same spot that hasn't been uploaded to the internet yet and I guarantee you won't find that one during you internet detective sessions. In the meantime, I'd suggest lifting so that one day you might be the one getting called out as a fake. Stay jelly, brah.
  3. If you want any help just send me a pm
  4. 5'8, 166lbs, 20 years old Let me know what you think
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