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  1. Fellas, the minnows part of the script has been completely profiled which means they can hand out bans at will whenever they want with the method. Encoded is currently trying to find a way around this.
  2. I'll have a think but I can say with 100% certainty it has been profiled, so any changes to how the script behaves at minnows would help to be honest. I will retire my minnow farm as there doesn't seem to be anything worth it on the fishing end to replace it and unless there is somewhat of a overhaul it is completely suicide to have anything to do with the minnow part of the script right now. From my knowledge I am one of the biggest minnow farmers and their detection logic completely changed with minnows last week; I originally thought this was a mini wave, very common with these methods every few months, but after tests it has been profiled into their system, just like other scripts in the past have - so a no go from me as of now. I know you have the smarts so if you do come up with something let me know @Encoded - I do not mind supplying accounts for any sort of testing on your end or mine.
  3. Minnows is now detectable, they have more or less completely profiled this script at minnows now, seems fine with normal fishing methods . I will definitely miss having a minnows farm in my system. I'm not sure if @Encoded has plans to get around the profiling simlar to how worthy did with zulrah, but many thanks for the sweet ride! It was a blast.
  4. 10%? Troll?? No one is going to share, especially for such a small cut, sorry. The best already have their own shit sorted and aren't going to help you out, botting is extremely lucrative if done correctly and such information is not going to come your way for peanuts.
  5. Ratz241

    !!! DELETED !!! EasyBlastMine beta

    He's right, I can't run this for than 10-30 minutes now.
  6. Ratz241

    !!! DELETED !!! EasyBlastMine beta

    [20:14:39] java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 0 [20:14:39] at scripts.mining.blastmine.a.z.j(GetDynamiteTask.java:47) [20:14:39] at scripts.mining.blastmine.EasyBlastMine.G(EasyBlastMine.java:126) [20:14:39] at scripts.mining.blastmine.EasyBlastMine.run(EasyBlastMine.java:110) [20:14:39] at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:745) [20:14:41] Script Ended: EasyBlastMine. Same issue, that was the debug after it happened.
  7. Ratz241

    !!! DELETED !!! EasyBlastMine beta

    @ikkeflikkeri Dynamite issue is fixed, running so much smoother now and doesn't end up dying. Break handler can cause some issues sometimes, sometimes it gets stuck in a loop when it logs back in for some reason, or can't detect where to put the dynamite, there isn't in the client debug but the status could be "loading dynamite" when a rock hasn't been excavated. Perhaps a few failsafes to determine where it is and what it is going on exactly if it's been idle would help matters a ton and make it much more stable for long run times.
  8. Ratz241

    !!! DELETED !!! EasyBlastMine beta

    I'll do a test now, thank you for the updates
  9. Ratz241

    !!! DELETED !!! EasyBlastMine beta

    @ikkeflikkeri https://gyazo.com/17a65d215bc569b3681d61d6b592973b Oh well, was working good while it lasted, seems I was right about the reaction to dynamite at times. You'll have to look into it, perhaps a failsafe with some food would help as well.
  10. Ratz241

    !!! DELETED !!! EasyBlastMine beta

    The reaction issue hasn't happened since so it was probably a little lag, but it can't be used if someone else is on that spot. Thank you for releasing this by the way, there is not a blast mining script on this site
  11. Ratz241

    !!! DELETED !!! EasyBlastMine beta

    Great stuff, seems to have been fixed. Only issue I see now is when a player is on the same world using the same spot, very easy way to die with all the dynamite going off. Edit: Seems to be getting hit with dynamite now and not being quick enough to react to the explosion, it is uncommon but I could see a death occurring with this
  12. Would you mind adding it? I think you've said no in the past but Volcanic sulphur would be a lovely addition too, it's a shame such a beautiful script hasn't got some more love in Zeah.
  13. Ratz241

    !!! DELETED !!! EasyBlastMine beta

    Getting the same Seems an issue with daxwalker [20:28:30] Response: UNWALKABLE [Position[1468, 3860, 0] is an unwalkable tile.] [20:28:31] Response: UNWALKABLE [Position[1468, 3860, 0] is an unwalkable tile.] @ikkeflikkeri edit: Works fine when you click back to where you blast the ore, seems the walker has issues returning to it's location
  14. @Aropupu Why is lovakite ore greyed out?
  15. Nah, quite a few people reporting they are getting shit on this week, weath is on da hunt. Sharks are going up!