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  1. @TRiLeZ Is there going to be a announcement? Due to what was said I was hoping there would be a big client update or something.
  2. Fixed, works great now from what I've seen testing on a few accounts.
  3. Progressive pickpocket is completely broken. Will try to switch from men to farmers at 10 from edgeville and just stands there, it will say it's going to farmers but there is no transition and the markers are still on the men.
  4. @Usa By far the best tutorial script on tribot before the bugs, can you at least give us a post in the thread to update? It's been broken for a while now.
  5. Still got it ain't you pal? Looks awesome
  6. Was this removed? It is no longer on the repo - https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/2014 @Deluxes
  7. @Usa - Can confirm the above issues are also effecting me, pretty broke script as of right now.
  8. Apologies, seems to be working now, tribot somehow was screwing the account settings up since the latest update and I'm not sure how, deleted my accounts and settings and saved as a fresh file and it's working fine again.
  9. @Deluxes I believe this is now broken, any chance of a fix? It's not working for me now
  10. That's a shame, It's pretty limited right now then due to the fact all accounts would be created from your home IP and not the proxy on the client.
  11. @Usa This is great, I presume the accounts being created on the client use the proxy/IP on that client?
  12. @Deluxes Any progress on navigation and bug fixes? Be cool if it could get refined a bit as it screws up now and then.
  13. @Usa
  14. Edit: Seems using my 7qp quester is screwing up the ability to do lobs progressive, it has 60gp in inventory from rewards when finished and using your fisher but the script does not deposit those 60gp coins, thus training all the way up to lobsters with 60gp coins and not withdrawing the 7000gp from my bank either, so two runs and it'll stop once it hits 40. @Encoded I think a simple deposit all inventory before starting progressive fishing would fix this.
  15. I have encountered such problems, definitely some sort of bank check issue. @Encoded Phenomenal script, just this little niggle getting in the way of it's full potential.