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  1. Gbarrows[Open Source]

    Does this script just support trident? I was levelling an account for range too but I guess if just using mage is fine then it's all good and I wont bother. Just a little confused as the gear preset picture on the post had a bow as a weapon Open source stuff is always appreciated by the way, great stuff, thank you dearly @Genka
  2. @Usa Thursday update broke the script - does not click on the world switch bottom on the bottom left of the log in screen when it logs out to hop, however manually clicking it seems to switch worlds fine once selected.
  3. It will be interesting to see how many sales you actually get as most top tier farmers who would have a need for this already have their own tools and methods.
  4. @Usa - Did you check? Because it's broken, I just purchased an auth and it's a good script but I'm a little surprised you haven't updated the world hopper which is the main issue at the moment and seems to have been since last week.. I was down to buy a monthly unlimited as well but not sure if I'll bother now, please just take a few moments of your time to fix the hopper and help us out, cheers.
  5. Mass Account Creation Options

  6. TRiBot CLI Client Starter

    I do not use a custom CLI due to the fact my unorthodox methods of gold farming doesn't really require it for the most part. I have however, shown interest in a possible LG client starter, though I'm not sure if you wish to add it or not or if it's somewhat possible using this (I presume so), my own method is a little botchy..
  7. TRiBot CLI Client Starter

    This is a good release, although I do echo the sentiment about keeping it private due to deluxe's wishes.
  8. Botting RC

    Manual gold farmers, if you keep on eye on weath's activities you will see he and sometimes other mods actively talk about these groups. Normally from Venezuela, they hand farm as their economy is so bad they make a great living just playing by hand and rwting.
  9. Grandexchange class broken

    notsureifsrs That's taco fixing his own method for his own script, stop being daft and take a lie down, you should know better with a join date of 2013.
  10. Grandexchange class broken

    It is indeed broken, a few script writers use their own G.E method though so the OP is completely right, the native tribot method does not work.
  11. Banrate now days

    Strong signature to thread correlation Their system has gotten a lot better, better yet try a few things out for yourself and see how you do.
  12. Great to see this premium, deservedly so. Just bought an auth Do you mind adding argument support for just completing tutorial? I see a tut-ge argument but I have no need for it to walk for ge after completion, running tut and stopping once complete is fine for what I need, if that's okay @Final Calibur. Looking forward to the future updates, very exciting script to see develop.
  13. I've tried restarting the client and deleting hooks ect but still having issues, I'll try again.
  14. @daxmagex - Getting freezes with this script now, not sure if client issue or script, but as of now it is broken.