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  1. Great to see this premium, deservedly so. Just bought an auth Do you mind adding argument support for just completing tutorial? I see a tut-ge argument but I have no need for it to walk for ge after completion, running tut and stopping once complete is fine for what I need, if that's okay @Final Calibur. Looking forward to the future updates, very exciting script to see develop.
  2. I've tried restarting the client and deleting hooks ect but still having issues, I'll try again.
  3. @daxmagex - Getting freezes with this script now, not sure if client issue or script, but as of now it is broken.
  4. TRiBot Release 9.305_5 - Flicker Patch

    Getting serious lag and freezes with certain scripts.
  5. [23:24:01] java.lang.ExceptionInInitializerError [23:24:01] at scripts.Traverse.M(Traverse.java:28) [23:24:01] at scripts.lanframework.script.prefabs.BankAction.e(BankAction.java:91) [23:24:01] at scripts.lanframework.script.prefabs.BankAction.g(BankAction.java:155) [23:24:01] at scripts.lanframework.script.prefabs.BankAction.i(BankAction.java:216) [23:24:01] at scripts.lanframework.script.d.run(ScriptAction.java:78) [23:24:01] at scripts.lanapi.game.script.LANScript.run(LANScript.java:231) [23:24:01] at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:745) [23:24:01] Caused by: java.lang.annotation.IncompleteAnnotationException: scripts.lanframework.generic.listeners.prefabs.interfaces.f missing element M [23:24:01] at sun.reflect.annotation.AnnotationInvocationHandler.invoke(AnnotationInvocationHandler.java:81) [23:24:01] at com.sun.proxy.$Proxy9.M(Unknown Source) [23:24:01] at scripts.lanframework.generic.listeners.ListenerManager.i(ListenerManager.java:38) [23:24:01] at scripts.DaxWalker.(DaxWalker.java:20) [23:24:01] at scripts.DaxWalker.(DaxWalker.java:17) [23:24:01] ... 7 more [23:24:11] [LAN Thiever] Thank you for using LAN Thiever! You ran this script for 00:00:51. If you enjoyed this script, please leave a message on the forums Getting the above error whenever inventory is full and it tries to go back to bank at tea stall in varrock
  6. Incredible, can't wait for when scripts utilise this, we have needed a good web walker for so long.
  7. Downtime and Compensation

    @TRiLeZ Is there going to be a announcement? Due to what was said I was hoping there would be a big client update or something.
  8. Fixed, works great now from what I've seen testing on a few accounts.
  9. Progressive pickpocket is completely broken. Will try to switch from men to farmers at 10 from edgeville and just stands there, it will say it's going to farmers but there is no transition and the markers are still on the men.
  10. @Usa By far the best tutorial script on tribot before the bugs, can you at least give us a post in the thread to update? It's been broken for a while now.
  11. [Dax] WebWalker

    Still got it ain't you pal? Looks awesome
  12. Was this removed? It is no longer on the repo - https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/2014 @Deluxes
  13. @Usa - Can confirm the above issues are also effecting me, pretty broke script as of right now.
  14. Deluxe TRiBot Account Adder

    Apologies, seems to be working now, tribot somehow was screwing the account settings up since the latest update and I'm not sure how, deleted my accounts and settings and saved as a fresh file and it's working fine again.