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  1. Apologies, seems to be working now, tribot somehow was screwing the account settings up since the latest update and I'm not sure how, deleted my accounts and settings and saved as a fresh file and it's working fine again.
  2. @Deluxes I believe this is now broken, any chance of a fix? It's not working for me now
  3. That's a shame, It's pretty limited right now then due to the fact all accounts would be created from your home IP and not the proxy on the client.
  4. @Usa This is great, I presume the accounts being created on the client use the proxy/IP on that client?
  5. @Deluxes Any progress on navigation and bug fixes? Be cool if it could get refined a bit as it screws up now and then.
  6. @Usa
  7. Edit: Seems using my 7qp quester is screwing up the ability to do lobs progressive, it has 60gp in inventory from rewards when finished and using your fisher but the script does not deposit those 60gp coins, thus training all the way up to lobsters with 60gp coins and not withdrawing the 7000gp from my bank either, so two runs and it'll stop once it hits 40. @Encoded I think a simple deposit all inventory before starting progressive fishing would fix this.
  8. I have encountered such problems, definitely some sort of bank check issue. @Encoded Phenomenal script, just this little niggle getting in the way of it's full potential.
  9. I start auto fisher pro as a progressive leveller from 1 fishing skill on an empty inventory ready to go, all accounts have 7k coins in bank (as well as feathers for 20-40 and other supplies such as lob cage) ready in the bank from my mule, I'm not sure what the issue is to be honest, it's obviously some sort of bank issue or what not because all the items are there and always are because of how my farm works.
  10. I understand that, but it seems to have not withdrawn enough coins in that case. I supply all accounts with 7k as standard so it shouldn't be a problem.
  11. @Encoded I'm not sure if it's related to just progressive levelling but I'm getting a lot of issues with the script saying there isn't items in the bank when there is. [21:40:37] Auto Fisher Pro Script: [CRTICAL] Not enough coins to return back to Port Sarim, ending script. [21:40:53] Script Ended: Auto Fisher Pro. I get the above a lot, even though all equipment is in the bank, it's only a few accounts that manage to realise there is sufficient items to progress further, even though all accounts are supplied. Any chance of a failsafe of some sort? The script is flawless apart from this issue I have.
  12. True but also you need to remember Weath is mentoring them, someone who is mentored always does things faster. If Weath teaches them all then I'm sure his clones won't be far behind him, if they were starting from scratch it would be a different story. The smart botters will win this one, those who use suicide farms or weekend botting are going to be destroyed.
  13. To be fair, I am one of those who has a suicide f2p farm, and I actually believe this is a good thing. There is just no way this type of botting could carry on, it is wrecking gp prices and the economy with its no risk approach, there are people out there with 400-500 accounts with a bot panel who run automated f2p farms constantly, It just can't continue like this. There will come a time when your f2p account is not going to profit in time using a traditional suicide method and that time is approaching. Only the people who have completely outsmarted Jagex's system's will be safe on an anti ban level, but even then it's going to be a little more difficult with more "weath's" on the scene, weekend botting will also no longer be viable. It's a give and take situation, the economy needs a tiny reset and gp prices need to raise a little, I welcome the challenge of trying to outsmart Jagex further, It's just a shame that Trilez hasn't fixed many of the client's problems (ie: webwalking).
  14. Sooner or later suicide f2p botting is going to be screwed due to the fact that weath is training up 2 new banning staff and they have on hand another 4 to do 24/7 shifts. This became common knowledge a few days ago, you may as well enjoy it while you can, botting is about to take a drastic turn.
  15. @Druid - Detecting axe upgrades is broken at least on progressive mode, I have every axe up to Rune and it's still not equipping a better axe even at 20 WC and is still using bronze. [23:13:59] Checking for bronze axes Every time it banks ^