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  1. Last location before getting banned?: Blast furnace Skill botted?: Smithing Breaks or no?: Yes If so how long?: How long did you bot per day?: about 7 hours. (14hours when i got banned) Banned before?: No Type of ban?: Permanent VPS/VPN/Proxy?: (Yes / No/ Which): Free proxy (test account) Scripts Used?: daxBlastFurnace [elite] Other Bots Used?: Yes How many bots at a time were being run?: 2 Date banned?: 31-12-2017 Fresh account/Days acc used?: 1 month First ban ever on a botted account (I think because of my break handler mistake). I enabled the wrong break handler on my bot and he ran 14hours of blast furnace with only a 10hour break in between. It was on free proxies anyway so i don't mind.
  2. What prices should i look for when i want a premium or private proxy? (Whats a good price?)
  3. You can buy credits with paypal, or from people (for GP, bankwire, paypal, etc).
  4. Hey, I purchased your script today and I really like it. I got a question though, is there a way that I can save/make multiple custom locations?
  5. Wtb 8 credits also ,personal msg me
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