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  1. Hey bro I'm using the v2 for the afk time I put 60 min and when I start it says invalid what do I need to put if for say I want to run 1-2 hrs
  2. Hello I hope someone can help so I run a 3 bot minnow little goldfarm and usually 2 will sync with LG it's hit or miss with the 3rd acc connecting to LG sometimes it will sometimes it won't. I run 1024 heap size any suggestions?
  3. Went to do the trial to see how well this is but everytime I set gui hit start it will stop and say it ended.
  4. I'm using one acc with looking glass but my other acc won't connect lol
  5. okay i had to delete the client and re do it. But now with the lg i cant either find the rs client or its a black screen?
  6. Lol I made sure I was that's what I was thinking at first lol
  7. thanks for the reply and i have its been around like 40 min doing this now thats why i made the post wasnt sure if i was doing something wrong.
  8. hello I'm back and wanted to get back into botting on 2 accounts I purchased credits and got the auto fisher which was fine and go the vip extended when I booted up the client I added the proxy I was going to use and hit connect and it wouldn't boot up and came up with I had to subscribe to use the proxy but I already did. Thanks if someone could help
  9. Having trouble with Looking Glass not switching over it just says updating then it goes to a black screen how do i fix this? On rs its on the small screen not the full screen
  10. xxsaints9xx


    okay thats what i figured im not botting till it updates hopefully its soon.
  11. xxsaints9xx


    I just got back on here and my tri fighter goes good for like 5 min then shuts off I saw a update messed with the combat does tribot client need updated ?
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