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  1. okay thats what i figured im not botting till it updates hopefully its soon.
  2. I just got back on here and my tri fighter goes good for like 5 min then shuts off I saw a update messed with the combat does tribot client need updated ?
  3. Thanks bud
  4. Does the extended still have looking glass ? I remember when i use to bot i use to use that. Now i dont see it posted anymore it was a way better way not to get banned
  5. Druid when i set it up with looking glass nothing pops up can u look into that and fix it i just bought the script 10 min ago because i got 99 with ur fletch script
  6. Oh wow I'm sorry to hear that man but I'm leaning towards to nature runes on 4 accs
  7. Yeah I might use my main and give the bots all a bond to start out but would what u think would be better hunter or rune crafting ? I want to make some side money by selling the gold.
  8. Hey guys I want to make like a 3 or 4 man gold farm to make money I was wondering what premium script right now would be best for it the accs are gonna be f2p till enough for a bond and I'm using looking glass also would hunter be a good script to buy and gold farm on I have a fisher premium script but I don't think it's gonna be good for gold farming