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  1. Because you have to pay for "good" scripts
  2. Thanks a lot mate! Just tried it out and its exactly what i wanted Cheers
  3. Just purchased well done very well made script from my use so far. Any chance you could make a setting in the gui for the mouse off screen? so you can set a random delay amount etc cause it goes off and then flies back on really quickly whereas i would like it to stay off screen longer since the monsters are aggro and i normally afk slayer
  4. Was working fine for me yesterday but after starting it, it updated and when it loads it says tribot will now start but nothing pops up after that
  5. Don't have a proggy but had this script running for 12 hours by accident and my accounts still fine got full void with 2 helmets in a day
  6. Hey Aropupu, Any advice on power mining with this script? I seem to be getting under 30k exp an hour mining iron, I've tried messing with the settings but am I missing something? Pretty flawless script though thanks!
  7. Bought this script yesterday and I have nothing bad to say about it, the customization is simply amazing even being able to add mini breaks and random afks and have had no issues with it so far Great scripter is all I can say
  8. Your best bet is to find one that isn't advertised on the forums I myself do not use proxies for that reason as I was being sold flagged ones. I bot on my home ip and have had a total of 10 bans but I have a few account going strong even one I was able to max in combat etc. But obviously if your wanting to prevent chain bans on multiple accounts I would try to find one that isn't advertised everywhere especially on botting forums. Good luck
  9. Hey @Aropupu is there a way to make it drop left to right as well as up and down it seems to only drop up and down Thanks
  10. Cool thanks man. Also having an issue same as the guy above blackjacking when it finds a house and is trying to lure a couple of times It would just keep clicking in between 2 tiles over and over again and not actually luring. Can you add a failsafe for this so it does not get stuck? Thanks
  11. You sure you didnt just die and the priestess has your gear set?
  12. he means the age of the account like you know when you create it and it asks for your age? lol
  13. Im proud to say i just bought the lifetime version of this script because it has been doing me so good and i couldn't let it run out on me a month after!
  14. And they are still not banned at this very moment? Also when did you create them?
  15. So has anybody gotten banned on this script? havent seen anyone saying they got banned yet
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