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  1. he means the age of the account like you know when you create it and it asks for your age? lol
  2. Im proud to say i just bought the lifetime version of this script because it has been doing me so good and i couldn't let it run out on me a month after!
  3. And they are still not banned at this very moment? Also when did you create them?
  4. So has anybody gotten banned on this script? havent seen anyone saying they got banned yet
  5. I honestly have no idea wtf u just said m8.
  6. It decreases it because your taking more trips to the bank when you could be catching more chins. I only do this because i got pked like 8 times in a 2 hour session once. I still get pked every now and then but if i have it at 150 its less money for them if they do get me
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