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  1. Hello all, I've noticed when I try to run a script and the script goes to log me in initially, the login bot won't work with "Remember username" enabled. In order to get the script to correctly log me in, I have to manually click the username line on the client, which the login bot then proceeds to clear and login like normal. I don't recall ever enabling this in Tribot, but I do have it enabled on a non-bot client I use to play a different account. Is there a way to either get my script/client to log me in without having to manually click to clear the username line, or possibly a way to set things up so that if I have it remember my username on a legitimate (non-bot) client, it won't have that username saved on the Tribot client? Thank you.
  2. Hello! Is there an ETA for motherlode mine support? No rush at all, just curious. Using the trial version at the moment and I'm liking what I see so far, and I'm very satisfied with the woodcutting script! Keep up the great work! ?
  3. Are you running resizeable mode on OSRS? If so, that's why. I don't believe this script works with resizeable mode but it's been a while since I've used it so I can't remember.
  4. Hello, While using Master AIO Chopper to cut redwoods, I stumbled upon a tiny bug. The script still works fine, but the graphic seems a bit broken. The "logs cut" shows the same value as "exp gained", therefore the "Logs P/hr" is showing a very high number. It's not making it unusable or anything, just making the graphic display incorrect info. Still 100% satisfied with the script, just wanted to let you know. Also, sorry if I put this in the wrong category or whatnot, still new around the forums. Thanks! Pic attached below:
  5. Hello, I'm requesting (or seeing if there is already) a script to sell silk to the Silk Trader in Ardougne at 60gp each. I've thieved ~1000 silk and don't want to go through the dialogue myself. Is anyone able to do this, or is there already a script out there? I've looked around and haven't found anything. :c
  6. Hi there, First post here, hope I posted to the correct place. If not, my apologies. I noticed after the update where they introduced the "Make All" option, a lot of scripts for crafting skills (fletching, smithing, etc.) are broken. For example, it won't select the X and type "27" or whatnot when running a fletching script, it will just hit and craft whatever is in the 2 slot. It also won't select "Make All". Is there a workaround for this? Is this something that an update to Tribot will fix or is that something botmakers will have to fix? Thanks in advance!
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