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  1. tried using this today at iron rocks in the mining guild, pressed start didnt do anything. tried this four times before giving up. not sure what other info i can give, pick axe equipped/unquipped. in fixed mode.
  2. using this at port kzhard, goes from bank to crew members with no problems, gets a full invent no issues, banks no issues, but then it goes off the grid and starts running towards ardy? Assuming hes running to another charter ship perhaps
  3. Tried out the trial, Does definitely seem like it's worth the purchase as the motherload mine is pretty flawless. I do have one thing to ask though, when mining iron at alkahird spawn theres a 3 rock location, however the bot often runs over to the east to mine at the two rock location as it's in a similar area. Im not sure if theres an option to select which rocks but if not this is definitely an issue, because even with 99 mining this wouldn't ever be a way anyone would do it.
  4. Yes my apologies, you're right. I looked elsewhere and it said about 19.5k ! thanks for the response!
  5. Only getting 11k xp per hour at the canafis rooftop agility course. I'm not great with all these new botting/anti ban options etc.. what options would give me faster xp per hour as it should be around 19k per hour for a normal player, the delays/slowness of the clicking seems to look alot more suspicious than actually doing it faster.. Thanks, JB
  6. Not sure what i'm doing wrong but i'm getting like 70k xp per hour doing oak larders. Using normal butler atm so I'll try to 50 myself and try again with a demon butler give it a watch and have a more accurate explanation shortly
  7. Nooo i am so upset i bought the tokens to buy it for $1 was thinking why is it $1?? didnt realise it ended today man i was 3 hours late, tried the trial loved it but can't afford $10 shouldn't have bothered getting VIP to try the trial lmfao
  8. Why does it click the ores so slowly? I don't understand what ABC1/ABC2 is exactly but have a feeling its something to do with this as it mentions a 5s delay or something? I'm at alkahird, mining iron. The ore will deplete then it'll take an extra 3 or 4 ticks before it clicks the next one
  9. Gets an inventory then keeps trying to go to the settings and control panel to allow shift dropping.. when it's already on. Cool intro/gui but a bit too much if you ask me.
  10. Used this today, got banned today. Had also used the wintertodt free 1.5 hour trial today. About 4 hours mining this morning. Thought i'd finish the day with an hours mining while I watched got, and came back to a ban. Not sure whether it was this script in particular, but it's a flawless script, nice gui, very clean and straight forward.
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