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  1. Oh thank you so much, USA. You are truly amazing.
  2. The only way to get pouches back is to kill the monsters in abyss :/ Kinda sucks.
  3. You're gonna use up a crapton of food.
  4. Ikr? If he thinks by giving people unlimited access that it'll give him more $$, he's full of it. People don't want to pay money for a method that doesn't make you good money and within a month of that script being out and working great the nat prices will be shit, meaning nobody will buy the script.
  5. The abyss random is killing this script for me :/ It's nowhere near worth spending so much on tabs just for a simple abyss random fix... I can give you all he IDs for the damn thing. A simple solution would be to have it just randomly click on the teleporter things. Eventually it'll teleport itself out and there's no harm in failing 1000x.
  6. Didn't get pked for 2 days in a row. Today I've gotten killed 4 times... god dammit I hate getting pouches back.
  7. How did you not get stuck in the abyss random? >.>
  8. Brimhaven Agility would be pretty sick.
  9. Can't wait for the abyss random to be fixed. That's the only thing preventing me from running this 24/7
  10. I was sitting at the air obelisk and the bot kept glitching. I figured out the scythe was at the bottom next to the mine so I hurried my ass up and grabbed it
  11. If only there was better random support... I'd have 99 by now. I'm at 97 right now, though! I should have 99 by this friday!