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  1. Oh thank you so much, USA. You are truly amazing.
  2. Why in the hell are you using full rune? Use high magic defence bonuses. The way you're dying is from PKers tb blocking you. You need high magic defence bonus so that they can't tb you to kill you. Use your brain before you start raging, k?
  3. The only way to get pouches back is to kill the monsters in abyss :/ Kinda sucks.
  4. Well no shit there's other ways, but it's quite obvious that this script doesn't perform as well as the other one, simply because this one has only been released a couple days and is still in beta. Now because it isn't going to perform as well as the other one, it needs another way to gain popularity. One way is to make it cheaper, which it is, and another way is to make it so more than 1 person can use it but it still doesn't drain the prices to where it's pointless to rc. Two accounts per auth isn't going to make an outstanding difference compared to 1 account per auth because not everyone is going to be using 2 accounts. Understand where I'm coming from now, asshole?
  5. Ikr? If he thinks by giving people unlimited access that it'll give him more $$, he's full of it. People don't want to pay money for a method that doesn't make you good money and within a month of that script being out and working great the nat prices will be shit, meaning nobody will buy the script.
  6. 2 or 3 accounts per auth seem fine to me. With 3 accounts you can easily make back $14 in a day of botting.
  7. The abyss random is killing this script for me :/ It's nowhere near worth spending so much on tabs just for a simple abyss random fix... I can give you all he IDs for the damn thing. A simple solution would be to have it just randomly click on the teleporter things. Eventually it'll teleport itself out and there's no harm in failing 1000x.
  8. Didn't get pked for 2 days in a row. Today I've gotten killed 4 times... god dammit I hate getting pouches back.
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