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  1. Introduction to Java

    what about coding a gui. any guide on that?
  2. [FREE] nBarrows Return

    LG works perfectly with a lot of scripts including zulrah
  3. Welcome our new developer, Todd

    Gratz, I hope to be a dev one day as well... I can do basic ish pretty easily atm like this. I am in no hurry tho, currently going for my csc degree /***********************************************************************************/ import java.util.Random; import java.util.Arrays; public class randomNumbers { public static void main(String[] args) { //***********Initialize variables************// Random rand = new Random(); int[] numbers = new int[10]; //Initialize array //**********************************************************************************// //For loop generates 10 Random Numbers in the range 1 - 23 for(int i = 0; i < numbers.length; i++) { //Generate random numbers between 1-23 int randomNum = rand.nextInt((23-1)+ 1) + 1; //if number generated is less than 20 if(randomNum < 20) { //number generated is part of numbers to be outputted numbers = randomNum; } else //else statement { //quit program as number is greater than 20 break; } //end if }//end for loop //Display output System.out.println("Numbers Generated: " + Arrays.toString(numbers)); //**********************************************************************************// } //end main } //end program
  4. I was just using with lg and it wont renew aggression properly, only goes a bit far and then just tries waking bots. This is going to get my account banned. still on trial. sad that it still doesnt work after all these months
  5. Did Jagex just confirm client detection?

    I personally think they can after research with multiple accounts
  6. Does money buy happiness?

    Gets you a gym membership so you can look good, food, house, cars, travel, and finally bitches = happiness. lmao
  7. Crypto Currencies

    LLLAAAMMEEEEE learn a skill and make money that that. real nigga ish
  8. low ban rates?

    i have a level 120+ that I have been botting last like 2 months and nothing. Its botting skill + luck that people dont report.
  9. How can I change my tribot username?

    lol thanks bud
  10. How can I change my tribot username?

    lol I didnt scam anyone. Dont say anything when you dont know anything. I just got a kid 99 atk and str from 77. Go ask him if I scam. Plus I am out that slave shit anyway. I just wanted to change my name. Funny you know me nigga, but I dont know you. Means I am doing something right.
  11. Tribot LG problem.

    I have a laptop and desktop, I have tried everything on my laptop but for some reason tribot doesnt work for me on laptop either but everything works perfect on desktop. There is something with laptops that arent that powerful. No matter what you do, tri bot just doesnt work unless your laptop is very powerful. I swear!
  12. How can I change my tribot username?

    ok thanks
  13. How can I change my tribot username?

    thats not working
  14. Any known auto switchers?

    this ras one seems perfect, i wanna get it