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  1. RonBeastly

    Curious question about source code

    Will try to read through all code posted. Juggling college etc.
  2. RonBeastly

    after break login bot keeps failing???

    whats helpdesk? lol
  3. RonBeastly

    after break login bot keeps failing???

    That sounds like its probably it
  4. everytime I use break handler, the login bot barely ever works properly and I know my account info was right cause sometimes it actually works. But most of the time it fails. Is anyone else having this problem? any help?
  5. why does it just check str xp? im training ranged or attack and it just checks str xp when it does check. wtf???
  6. RonBeastly

    Curious question about source code

    Worthy, creator of zulrah slayer told me that the following source code inspired him and that it is proper use of object oriented programming. https://bitbucket.org/FinalCalibur/fc-dorics-quest/src/de34ef556bf4fa68a877c47031c4b3a5915ec1d8/api/?at=master
  7. when at varrock west doing darts, super basic doesnt click at map to exit bank after resupply. Could use rework.
  8. Curious question about source code of a script. Which coders do you think, have the best style/logic? I would like to know and study which scripters have the best scripting ability. I know I am not the best one to judge code, so asking the more knowledgeable if they can attest for someones coding ability. Paste source code below, would like to directly have links to what people think are the best scripts. Thanks!
  9. RonBeastly

    [ABCL 10] [ABC2] aAgility v2 [ALL ROOFTOPS]

    Great script! Got me a lot of agility levels on multiple accounts!
  10. alright, if you fix it ill buy it. I really just want it for the dart making at least.
  11. blast furnace bot on tribot? doesnt seem like alpha is involved with this bot anymore.
  12. Does this bot work? read a lot of mixed posts on here. I wanna buy it for making darts. what about blast furnace.
  13. one kill i use no food and then the next kill I use whole inv. wtf zulrah!!!!! 99 def