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  1. Profile of user: https://tribot.org/forums/index.php?/user/49265-sell/?tab=feedback Date: 14th july Feedback left:negative Why should it be removed:He wasn't satisfied with the way i treated him apperently. I told him he gets treated the same way he treats me, and this probably made him mad.Then I told him I wished I could scam kids like him, and he saw this as an opportunity to leave me negative feedback.
  2. I have used this script 3 times overnight now, on different locations and 3 accounts, no luck for me yet.
  3. Gonna give this script another go even though phats dropped in price. Running it on two accounts atm.
  4. Vouch for newcode, sold me a membership, I went first. Will come back for more.
  5. Out of stock, just got scammed for my last membership. Restocking soon.
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