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  1. switch worlds correction: will open shop, buy the seaweed/sand, then get stuck on switching worlds. Watched it do it 4-5x today. Only thing that seems to fix it is manually casting spell or restarting script.
  2. Yeah so say I'm on 511, if I start the script, sometimes it'll immediately start with the status switching worlds, and scroll over 314, but never click it, and then just stops the script after 5 minutes no exp gained failsafe. If I manually start a cycle via, casting a spell or switching a world, then it starts running flawlessly. But has happened a few times when I come back and the script has stopped by itself, I'm assuming because of the mix up on the world hopping.
  3. Yeah I've noticed, sometimes it will get stuck on 'switching worlds', I'm assuming because it's trying to go sequentially based on the login world if you would look at a failsafe or something for that.
  4. @JustJ I have a coal bag on several on my accounts, is it possible for Blast Furnace ore specific shop, it buys 26 coal, fills coal bag, then buys another inventory before banking? No worries if not.
  5. @Encoded been running fine so far, any way to randomize the world selection?
  6. Interested in this as well
  7. @TRiLeZ Absolutely love the new aesthetic. Looks cleaner, way more professional, and darker. Great work man. Just downloaded and began using it no problem. To a bunch of people having the error problems, at least on Mac the only problem for me was selecting the correct java version to use. It defaulted to something else, so just make sure it's on the jre kit.
  8. @Aropupu Any chance of adding Agility Pyramid in the desert in Beta v3?
  9. Indeed it is. I just double checked and my hooks storage is working as well. Will contact you on discord directly.
  10. I mean it just uses the minimap to click close to the furnace. Then repeatedly spams this 100x [11:22:22] [Debug] CLICK_FURNACE
  11. @Naton [10:22:35] [GUI: Settings Storage] Wait for init result: true [10:22:35] [GUI: Settings Storage] Stage creation success [10:23:19] [Walker Engine] Walking path to: (2343, 3809, 0) [10:23:20] [Walker Engine] PATH_DEBUG[ END_OF_PATH ] [10:23:20] [Walker Engine] Randomize(2343,3809,0) -> (2342,3810,0) [10:23:20] [Walker Engine] Reached end of path [10:26:20] [Walker Engine] Walking path to: (2345, 3809, 0) [10:26:20] [Walker Engine] PATH_DEBUG[ END_OF_PATH ] [10:26:20] [Walker Engine] Randomize(2345,3809,0) -> (2345,3810,0) [10:26:20] [Walker Engine] Reached end of path So tried Neitzinot didn't work, it uses minimap to get close to the furnace (which isn't necessary because half the appeal of Neitiznot is you don't have to move camera and can directly click on furnace and bank chest without adjustments), and then just stops!
  12. Such fast responses, folks, this is why Naton is, in my opinion, the best scripter on this site. If I'm wrong slap my buttcheek and fuck my ass!
  13. @Naton any update on support for Neitznot? Easiest furnace because you don't have to adjust camera at all.
  14. post disc or pm me on forums
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