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  1. Dispute against Montreal

    @Montreal 2 days since you said 24 hours, this is becoming a joke.
  2. Dispute against Montreal

    @Montreal so what is happening...
  3. Dispute against Montreal

    @Montreal Thanks for getting back to me, I look forward to hearing from you.
  4. Dispute against Montreal

    what's going on @Fluffee it's like Montreal has gone ghost.
  5. Dispute against Montreal

    Thanks @Fluffee I appreciate it.
  6. Dispute against Montreal

    Scammer's Username: MontrealLink to Scammer's TriBot Profile: @Montreal Chat/Discussion Methods: None.Chat Username(If Applicable)*: None. Describe in detail in your words what happened: Identical situation to pass consumers. Montreal has provided me with two sets of proxys that do not work. I have submitted two tickets on his hosted website as well as messaged him directly on tribot forums and left a message on his forum post with no reply. It's been a week now since these proxys have not worked and I have not heard a single word from monteral at all. It's a shame I have to make a dispute since I had no issues with his service prior to this. Evidence**: In the screenshots you can see the provided proxys and a clear example of a proxy not working which is the case for all. Requesting immediate refund, compensation for time lost.
  7. @Montreal I don't know how else to get your attention I've submitted a ticket, in-boxed you and have posted on this forum, this being my second post. My 4 original proxy's are not connecting at all for the past 4 days and I think we all know what that means... no income. You mentioned 2 comments above that no tickets are open yet I had submitted a ticket and still no answer, this is ridiculous. I'd like a free full month on these 4 proxy's as compensation for the extreme lack of general support, it's a shame I have to go to this extent as I thought this service was credible and responsive.
  8. @Montreal awaiting a reply, submitted ticket and emailed you, can i please get an answer from you, thanks.
  9. Trash service, bought 4 proxies, all proxies flagged and insta locked straight off tut island, DO NOT BUY, they will not refund nor replace your proxies + slow support service. @Montreal is your man for proxys
  10. Went to buy some proxies, said to check back in 1-24 hours, can you update me when you have proxies for sale? @Montreal <3