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  1. Hey everyone, my looking glass is recognizing my osbuddy but then the screen goes black and nothing else happens.. wondering if possibly I'm doing something wrong or if looking glass is just down, because normal tribot works fine but obviously I don't wanna bot through the tribot client.
  2. Title says all, ill pay with paypal gifted or venmo if you're trusted, I am trusted on here but if you're trusted ill happily go first!
  3. I use looking glass religiously for my account.. is there a way I don't have to update this version of tribot so that I can still run looking glass? my bot has been completely fine for weeks now...
  4. degalbo

    bot broken

    wow welcome to the club!!
  5. hey guys I've posted this on a couple of other forums and also eBay but I figured I would post it here too if anyone plays clash royale I'm selling a very very good account that has a max of 5030 trophies, the account itself has many good cards: lvl 4 e wiz, lvl 3 lava hound/inferno drag/log/miner, lvl 7 baby drag, lvl 10 fireball, and more. This account is basically guaranteed to get you into any clan that you wish, and has loads of potential for many types of decks, especially lava loon. I'm interested in selling this account for cash or even osrs gp, willing to go first if you're trusted on this website. Please send me a PM or post on here if you're interested.
  6. OK so here goes, I haven't played in 5-6 months and no longer have membership. I also have basically no gold to my name on my account, I do however have nearly 100m in farming supplies that I can't sell in a f2p world. I have been a member of this community for 4+ years and would appreciate if someone could lend me a bond so that I can log into a members world, sell some supplies and give that person 5m for the troubles. You would make a smooth 2m + profit this account is 95 farm and 99 agility, I'm not scammer and have been trusted in this community for years.
  7. Can anyone lend a bond? you will be paid back 5m after I sell some members supplies. I have a huge bank but all tied up in farming supplies (95 farming)

  8. I mean my first question would be why would you bot a max zerker in nmz that you trained legit skills on.. not even worth it... secondly I would probably try contacting jagex if the account has zero marks on it previously you can probably get a temp ban
  9. Can I ask why I click "disable all camera movement" and somehow find my camera rotated within 5 minutes of the script.. and everything that needs clicked is already in view of the camera as I'm all the way zoomed out
  10. bot works good if a babysit but I'm scared to leave on too long because i've died multiple times and end up at that spot on death plattaeu
  11. the picture is my character at death plateu, idk how he suddenly gets there but everytime he does he is already dead with only 3 items in his inventory, this has happened 4 times now
  12. title explains it all. lmk how much you're willing to give for the $25 itunes gift card. Will go first if you're trusted or we could use a middle man. This is a safe and secure way as once the itunes giftcard is redeemed it can't be taken back. LMK
  13. I promise you'll be going first with the zero reputation you have
  14. i have 200k rn would go first in increments. lmk
  15. degalbo

    buy 80m $1.2/m

    Can do (verified) paypal or skrill, will go first if you're trusted. Can go in increments, will send as gift or whatever you want etc if you're trusted. LMK
  16. hey I'm looking to buy 60m or so on skrill for around $1.2/m. will go first if trusted lmk
  17. I buy from quickrsgp all the time, it's currently down though and I need money asap haha
  18. Hello I'm buying $100 worth of 2007 gp at around $1.4/m. I will go first if you're trusted. My possible payment methods are verified paypal or even giving you $100 gift card which would be the most secure way as once you apply that to whatever account its yours (I will only do this method if you're very very trusted). That could include amazon gift cards or even gamestop gift card, I buy the $100 gift card, you redeem it, I receive gold. Please message me and let me know.
  19. degalbo

    Question about botting

    I bot and my roommate who doesn't bot has an account with all 99s as well. We have never had any problem with him getting banned even though me and some of my other housemates have been banned. I would suggest you never log your account into his computer and vice versa. Other than that you should be fine
  20. degalbo

    buy 30m 1.3$/m

    I can go first if you're trusted, lmk!
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