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  1. only made is 2 days.. without even profiting that much only made 14m
  2. chewshow

    New to botting- a few questions

    i would suggere you to buy proxies to make it safe look up down below i've linked you some links on how to set it up..
  3. chewshow

    Bot busting

    likely if you are going to bot again and if u get caught you will get 100% perm ban so i would suggere you to not bot on it again if u are looking to play on it again..
  4. chewshow

    tribot not working

    try redownloading java? maybe it'll work sometimes java dosent work well with tribot
  5. chewshow

    Classic LG issues

    i've had the same problem then downloaded a lower version of jdk8 with x86 since they don't let you download it with the new version and it worked for me try looking on google jdk 8 x86
  6. appreciate the refund man! i mean hopefuly youcan try to fix it if its still not working
  7. this script is not good as people think just because of the instances thing either is the bot or the tribot client.. but i would like to get a refund...
  8. i mean first thing i did when i putted my membership on it i got 10 qp and did the knight sword for the quest and then got my self 30 smithing then went to botting after like 4h
  9. i meant to say not the bot over but i think this bot has high ban rates.. since its been 2 times that my bot didnt last long than 2 days maybe if i use other script it should last atleast more then 2 days l
  10. this bot is kinda bad.. only 2 days of bot then it gets banned.. like i have been botting only 6h a day so i must say this has to be kinda broken or unless make it functional with lg
  11. it just says the time of instances on this scripts has been surpassed when im using only 1 acc I would like to get a full refund please..
  12. it will log me out after like 10min everytime.. i dont know why... maybe because im using lg ..
  13. chewshow

    no change detected looking glass

    i've been using a blast furnace premium script and i thought to use looking glass to prevent less ban rate but when i use for like 10-15min it stops running the script and says no change detected for 2min clearing memory? https://gyazo.com/543de7e955db2513d65d6cc3dd3810c6
  14. chewshow

    Need help with bot

    i mean probably i was using lg but mostly tribot has a problem with lg not much script i have that work good with lg they all end up logging out after few times saying no change detected blah blah
  15. chewshow

    Need help with bot

    only got picture since im not using it rn maybe later https://gyazo.com/6d048260dc81b1ba9095c235d5ac1f24