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  1. everytime i try to download the tribot on windows 10 it will not open tries to open in a variety of random apps and when i try to open it it opens it in internet explorer and never lets me even download or launch client??
  2. hi, i saw i only had 3 hours remaining of my daxhunter premium script for osrs remaining 2 days ago, and i did not want my script to turn off in the middle of the night when the time lapsed. so i cancelled my dax premium hunter membership and reactivated it 2 days ago paying the 9.99 expecting another 30 days of the script. but then 2 days later it still ran out! i just paid 9.99 thinking i was renewing this script and i only got to use it for a day before it ran out, can someone fix this or look into my account and you can see i did pay for it and i do not have access. appreciate the help guys if a moderator or admin or somebody can look into this. thank you.
  3. hitthat22

    how worth is human mouse data and mirror client?

    damn, no noticeable difference in the mouse movements? to make them any less suspicious? whenever my daxhunter picks up traps it clicks each trap 5 times to pick up but clicks only once to place. lol was curious how much theyd help since they make it seem human mouse movements are a huge thing ^^
  4. its all resolved thank you everybody for the help.
  5. i have the dax hunter bot and have been using it for a few weeks. almost every account gets around 85-90 hunter then gets banned. still making cash but tedious to continuously make a new account, i currently have a account at 20m hunt exp though so cant complain, my question is how noticeable is the difference in human mouse data? is the ban rate with that and mirror client significantly lower? would love to hear from some users or mods thank you again for all your help
  6. okay, ill just wait it out then thanks for the reply and help just didn't know cause im new to the community ^^. thank you. will i have to do anything to fix it once the fix is it? such as redownload? or does it automatically update into the client.
  7. i have found that file and deleted it, but for my dax premium hunter script still continues. everytime it places a trap it clicks nonstop 8-10 times placing traps outside the customized zones and when it picks up traps it clicks 10-12 times. very suspicious dont wanna use it cause i suspect ill be caught very quickly. it happened after todays update i tried re downloading tribot and the same problem persists.
  8. where can i find this? i just have the loader as a file in my downloads. do not have a folder for tribot or is it a file built into the tribot client? i appreciate the help
  9. last night my bot was working completely fine. today runescape updated, after the update i tried to start up my bot and i noticed something wrong right away. it was clicking erratically 6-7 times just on the square to place box trap. and missclicking everywhere setting up traps out of position. another user whos a friend is having the same issue. will this be resolved? also on a side note i purchased vip and the premium scriptt and it says cannot use human mouse data because i dont have authorization. how can i get this as i thought this was what i was paying for? appreciate the help in advance guys.