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  1. Is this still working? Tried to run the script and no window pops up. Tried killing the instance and says it's successful but does the same thing when I try again. Can't click anything on the tribot window, have to end process.
  2. Ok great, Thanks for the response. Great script so far. No issues yet just having horrible RNG getting anything worth a damn!
  3. @Netami How much Reward Potential is your script suppose to get? Ran it for 8 hours total so far and I don't know if I'm just getting really unlucky or its getting ~90% each time and getting crappy loot.
  4. @erickho123 2 day ban on one of my mains doing Lava runes using Mist battlestaff and dueling ring method. Was using Advanced client with break handler every 1.5 hours with a 30 - 45 minute break.
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