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  1. Pricing: Runecrafting: Pricing: Runecrafting: non-lunars 1-50 at 140gp/xp 50-75 at 120gp/xp 75-99 at 90gp/xp (100k exp minimum) With lunars & 82 magic 1-50 at 130gp/xp 50-75 at 110gp/xp 75-99 at 80gp/xp (100k exp minimum) Prayer: 15-20gp/exp (prices vary depending on bones used) (no requirements) Agility: contact us for rates SKILLING OUTFITS? i.e: full graceful, prospector's, etc., we can do them all, contact us ANY OTHER SKILLS? PM or message me on Discord Contact My discord: switch#7274 (no caps!) unique ID: 235061443005906944 Terms of Service
  2. does this bot support rune running? where i can use multiple accs to run runes to the acc thats crafting?
  3. can you make an update where you can choose to pot up to max absorption/ takes a super combat before it afk's and choose the time interval in which it does so? for example before it goes afk for say 15minutes its fully pots up and then doesn't move on screen for give or take 15 mins (of course there will need to be an option to randomize the times so its not too precise). this is probably a quick fix. but if you're still unsure i just want it to mimic this video:
  4. you've also blown off my posts about your puro puro script (2 days now, although i've known u to wait weeks to finally reply based of previous interactions), the bot has difficulties with properly logging back in. Gyazos supplied for reference, babysat them for about 5 hours so far. sidenote: still has potential to be literally the best imp scripts out rn,... i used one over on osbot out of impatience... i have aids now.
  5. bump: another problem: left client just got off break and cant click button to login. right client is spam switching worlds while on break which is what the client on the left was also doing before break ended: https://gyazo.com/808203d3729ee317560d7da70ac6fcf2 Edit:both accs banned
  6. one major issue with the script is that when you DC or are auto logged for frequent hopping the script doesn't know how to log back in, instead it keeps clicking on the " red painted" path that remains outlined on the login screen. https://gyazo.com/2cbee8cae7ed5065dba259440c7de4de another small problem: doesn't add dragon imps or ninja imps to profit per hour calculation, only magpies
  7. No lol , i did. I edited the thread to correct the mistakes haha
  8. Would like to know where you guys get your vps's, i know virmach is popular (but for reasons i wont expound on). Would like to know if there are any others in a reasonable price range for botting/bulk bot farms
  9. So yesterday, i hopped to w309 , an f2p world, and for some reason my bot client wanted to connect to a specific i.p. I thought this was harmless as the client always asks to connect to an i.p related to a script, only this time no scripts were running. So i went ahead and clicked " always allow" , traded off my my chins to mule on the 3 accs that I met in w309 with (the other accs i sused a different world, and i didn't receive the prompt about connecting to a specified i.p) I log in today and all 3 of those accs were banned? keep in mind they were all on different proxies, but i guess the client put them all on that same i.p when i clicked "always allow". I guess the real problem here is when do I know which i.p's to allow and which not too, should i only click allow when i run and deny the ones that pop up when there is no script running? and if so why are these "other" i.p's popping up when hopping to certain worlds in the first place if they can prove to be harmful?
  10. will the red salamanders be fixed? a,d will the tar method be fixed for black chins? where the script will withdraw a custom amount for a black chins trip
  11. you have to already be in a lane in the maze, not in the main entrance part, and the script is also broken in the fact is repeatedly left clicks and doesn't move at all sometimes
  12. also, don't know if it's just something wrong with the trial, but it will repeatedly left click "walk here", and not move at all for several minutes, which is extremely bot-like, other than that it's a great script. Found out you have to start it in lane 1 for it to begin properly too, caught 2 dragon implings in an hour off of the trial, really looking forward to buying the official if the walking issue is fixed, and would be nice if we had an option to turn off left click walking in exchange for right click walking.
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