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  1. Universal Woodcutter

    good shit bro i also tryed to fish shrimp at lumby with universal fisher, nothing happened you might want to check on this and for some reason my bots doesnt relog after a break i use looking glass, auto relog on OSB is not check so i am not to sure whats the problem. Thanks,Have a nice day!
  2. Universal Woodcutter

    been using this script for a couple days now I like its great havnt have an issue, the only thing tho when i check pick up bird nest and powerchop the bot drop bird nests as well and it would be nice to have progressif level option where I cut my trees to get 61 theres all 3 type of trees close to each other thanks great work
  3. AlphaCrafter Pro

    alright il run 8 account 12 hour today and well see when i come back (with breaks) its running smoothly rn nice job
  4. AlphaCrafter Pro

    looks great im trying it right now !
  5. AlphaCrafter Pro

    Alright sounds good thank you very much have a nice day im not sure if im in that 3 week time but thats definitively good for other users.
  6. account creating

    alright thank you guys
  7. account creating

    Hey guys i been botting for like a month now and i saw these guys selling 100 accounts lets say 8m tutorial done but the accounts last 7-10 days maybe i bot too much but i saw on the guide that i need to create and die with my account on the same proxy so by buying i clearly break this rule ? haha this might be a stupid question just making sure these account are for **suicide bots** i actually want to keep my accounts as long as possible and will definitively bot less per day nomore 12 hours
  8. AlphaCrafter Pro

    feelsbadman still not working after a week rip 6 instances and my time/money how to welcome a new boter hahaha ! all good tho
  9. Rogues Den Script -- Updated with DEMO

    i hope your still wokring on it im really looking for this !
  10. Yojoedude's credit shop! (1.1m ea! - $1.1 Btc each)

    added you on skype i need some credits let me know when your open
  11. id like to buy a couple of credits i messaged you on skype you still havnt reply.
  12. Taking Premium Script Requests

    hi Encoded, i been looking for a rogue den mini game script , for the rogue outfit for thieving i think it would be great.
  13. hey man i have a few instance for alphacrafter and defentively gonna buy alphasmither when they are fixed thank you have a nice day and take your time , nice scripts btw:)

    1. EasyMoneyCx


      OH and i forgot if u got time it would be great if you could add a spinning flax option at seers so i can make my bots change locations every now and then while your working on alphacrafter.

      THANK YOU.

  14. please update your scripts bro i need em asap
  15. im not sure if this is the same probleme i get since runescape update this morning for my fletching i think the new interface broke the bots right ?