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    Hey, I'm Thomas.

    I'm currently attending college at EMU. I am majoring in Pre-Med and Business. I plan on attending Michigan for medical school after my bachelors at EMU.

    I am a member of SRL. I love to script for Simba and love the community at SRL. I am "King" over there, feel free to message me.

    I am currently learning how to script for Tribot as several other members of SRL have.

    I hope to achieve my scriptwriter rank in the next month or two.

    Thanks for stopping by!
  1. SRLKing

    Runecraft Running

    I would not use the script as of now, 8/8 banned, all on new IP/ Proxies and they ran fire runes for roughly 5 hours before being canned.
  2. Just got 8 more accounts banned, was using a fresh IP and proxies for each account as some have strongly held they help. I was not even botting natures yet. I botted fire runes for roughly 5 hours with my account. they banned the crafter and all others who had touched the script. I really dont see this as worth it anymore. Script is too botlike. It blind walks to the fire altar and uses the same anti-ban over and over for hours. The idea is good and the script makes good money, if you can get around the bans.
  3. Well I've been running it just fine as well. I started another 8 accounts. Were they macroing major or goldfarming? Goldfarming is just Fagex manual banning you. Macro Major from what I understand is the new bot system. I've talked with a couple other programmers and they seem to believe the new system relies heavily on patterns. I would suggest that you add some more variablity.
  4. SRLKing

    Runecraft Running

    Well would you like to make money?... If you don't care, run fire runes.
  5. Whatever works for you. I also doubt you will beat hosting your own, unless you get them for free. I'm going to say the new botting will not be that big of a deal. The guys on mine that got banned (3/12) were all tellied to lummy and sat there for 8+ hours.
  6. I'v never had a chain ban period. It's a scheme to make you feel better about your accounts. I really don't care if you pea away your money on proxies, was just trying to help, a fellow farmer. Tribot is not even close to the first bot I've used to gold farm. Chain bans are like the Loch Ness monster. "Everyone" has seen it. Besides, even if you are buying proxies, it is still a waste. You can host your own server with 100's of them for under 15$/month. Like I said, it's a scam.
  7. SRLKing

    13ustey's bonds!

    Buying 8 bonds via PayPal, will report back after trade!
  8. Hate to break it to you, proxies are useless. I've been flagged for goldfarming for a long time now. This is the first ban I've had in quite some time, and only the rc'ing accounts were hit, fishing and woodcutting are surprisingly okay. I figured they would have been hit before natures. Either way I'm setting up my accounts again. It's just a pain to remake the crafter. Either way, I'll make it back. Good script mate
  9. Whatever you say, accounts are level 20-50, some even have quests done. I doubt yours are any safer than mine, on top of that they will likely be gone soon due to the new system.
  10. Welp, all my accounts except the master died last night, however It looks like the last update fixed that My crafter was banned... none of the slaves were banned. I was running it for 12 hours, checking on it ect.. Looks like they will be cracking down on this area, bit confused as to why the crafter was banned instead of the runners. Watch out I have 7 runners, all sitting in lumbridge ready to run essence, with tiara's and atleast 20hp if anybody wants to buy them. 1m/piece, they all have 13 days membership left.
  11. Did run into an issue last night where the script just sat there as the master managed to trade all the essence to a slave
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