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  1. MuleTraveler

    Cant use bot, insta banning

    Heya, Others may have different opinion but I'll share some of my experience. Although the whole IP flagging thing may be true, I do not believe it plays a huge role in getting your accounts instabanned. It's what you're doing, the duration you're doing, and other factors that are causing you to get instabanned. I've tried experimenting with proxies/vpsn and personally I think it's horseradish unless you're trying to bot on numerous accounts. I've had 50+ accounts created, botted, and banned on my home IP but my main account with total level 2k+, along with my zulrah accounts are doing perfectly fine. All you have to do is get past the early "instaban" period of a fresh account and watch what you're doing from there on. I'm using the exact same scripts you are (assuming you are using premium scripts) on all my accounts and I'm doing fine. Few tips to for avoiding instaban: level a wide variety of things. do a few quests. There are great quest scripts (not on tribot though). For quest scripts, don't do more than 2 quests consecutively. Also, "break time" lowering your chance of getting banned is somewhat true but for maximum progression/gains, just switch up the tasks that you're doing instead of taking breaks. it works just as well. For the first few days, keep your total play-time relatively low. Between 4-6 hours range. Rest is up to experimentation. You have to find what works and what doesn't. For example, you don't want to bot witch's house + waterfall on fresh accounts. Don't only wcing and fishing the whole day. You learn as you go! Don't be afraid of bans! With every ban, you learn what not to do!
  2. script's probably fine for accounts for decent combat but for new lvl 3 accounts, the script is getting wrecked by ankous or black knights for wildy altar option. It's okay for the bot to die to ankous as it's out of bones anyways but when it doesn't die and tps via burning amulet and gets killed by black knights, bones are wasted. Maybe some sort of way to implement a health check before tping with burning amulet? Also, why not have the amulet of glory equipped? Allows space for an additional bone. Also, will you consider adding unnoting option as well at the wildy altar?
  3. MuleTraveler

    Ammonite script request

    I've seen a few request for ammonite crabs through out the forums and it's been a good while since they've been out. Does anyone know any scripts that supports ammonite crabs atm? If not, would any scripters be interested in making a script for it? I have a few accounts ready for fossil island if you need some for testing!
  4. @Usa Would you consider adding protect item option when engaged by pkers? It'd allow us to use smoke b staff or trident + occult + ahrims top + ahrims bot which is a great increase in magic bonus and will protect 300k+ upon death. Would be super cool!
  5. Lovely! Also, is it possible for you to change it so that after it finishes a trip and teleports back to edgeville, it doesn't world hop? It's a very unnatural thing to world hop for no reason when the current world was perfectly fine, successfully finishing up a trip. I know it'd probably only save seconds with this change suggestion but it racks up when you're running the script for a long time! Thanks for the update! @Usa
  6. Grand tree and tourist trap for the fast agility exp to level 30 would be sweet!
  7. MuleTraveler

    Help me banned after less than a day

    God bless your cute soul.
  8. @Usa Heya, as others have mentioned it'd be awesome if you could speed up the looting and moving back to safe spot process. It isn't an issue for me as I have high level accounts that can tank a few hits but it is an issue for the lower level accounts. It used to be perfectly fine couple weeks or month ago (as I've been using this script for a while) but recently it seems the looting is exceptionally slow? Also, by any chance, could you implement a feature that allows us to toggle keep extra item prayer when getting attacked by a pker ? This would allow us to bring an extra piece of equipment that would really help out at higher levels e.g. occult + ahrim top and bot + weapon. Would definitely be purchasing soon when it runs out in two weeks so I hope you keep up the maintenance on this script! ^^
  9. MuleTraveler

    Firewall request for every world

    Was just about to make a thread asking about this but good thing i know how to use the search bar! hehehe. Thanks for the info!
  10. There's a teleport option to lava maze which would save time! Also, could you disable the function that makes it so that every time the bot successfully makes it to edgeville to bank after a trip? It world hops before it banks the loot.
  11. Would you be adding burning amulet teleport method in the foreseeable future? @Usa
  12. MuleTraveler

    Macro recorder

    Request: Macro recorderDescription: Keyboard and mouserecorder built into the client so that we don't have to use 3rd part programs. Should be able to start and stop recording with hot keys. Play, pause, and stop recording with hotkeys. Would recommend a looping feature e.g. "repeat playing the recording x amount of times." Ofc, option to save the recordings.Payment Amount: Most 3rd party macro recorders are around $5 so I'd say $5 would sound good. This will be a very useful script for all users so I'm sure it'd sell well.Time: Right now.Additional: Another bot site just started the beta version of what I mentioned, would be great if we could bring it to tribot as well.
  13. @Usa Could you let us know when it's fixed please?