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  1. There's a teleport option to lava maze which would save time! Also, could you disable the function that makes it so that every time the bot successfully makes it to edgeville to bank after a trip? It world hops before it banks the loot.
  2. Would you be adding burning amulet teleport method in the foreseeable future? @Usa
  3. MuleTraveler

    Macro recorder

    Request: Macro recorderDescription: Keyboard and mouserecorder built into the client so that we don't have to use 3rd part programs. Should be able to start and stop recording with hot keys. Play, pause, and stop recording with hotkeys. Would recommend a looping feature e.g. "repeat playing the recording x amount of times." Ofc, option to save the recordings.Payment Amount: Most 3rd party macro recorders are around $5 so I'd say $5 would sound good. This will be a very useful script for all users so I'm sure it'd sell well.Time: Right now.Additional: Another bot site just started the beta version of what I mentioned, would be great if we could bring it to tribot as well.
  4. @Usa Could you let us know when it's fixed please?
  5. @Todd So can this subscription get paused until it gets fixed??? It's a really expensive script for a 2 week compared to other scripts on the sdn.
  6. @Usa The world selector is broken again. It tries to click the black space in between worlds.
  7. MuleTraveler

    Revenant Script ??

  8. @Usa Really like/support @cocointo's suggestions. I also have a QOL update suggestion which is to add burning amulets teleport to teleport to lava maze which is extremely close to the lava dragons. Also, an update that I would say is needed is world hopping in corp beast. The bot freaks out when there's someone in the corp beast already. It keeps world hopping inside the corp beast even though it's a safe zone and if it does world hop, it gets stuck in the "click to play" red button display log-in menu and needs manual assistance to get the script going. I'd recommend just disabling worldhopping inside corp beast.
  9. ^ maybe make this toggle-able?
  10. For gold, I would buy on botting forums rather than websites. Websites tend jack up the price heavily. Just open up a thread buying gold and buy from who you would deem as trusted. Takes longer than buying from a website possibly but if you get to know your gold-sellers, you'll know who to hit up and get gold fast.
  11. MuleTraveler

    Lock after lock after lock

    I had 0 success rate with making tut accounts on proxies. However, I made numerous amount under my home IP. Got a few banned for botting but never for tutorial island and I have yet to be chain banned. I'd recommend just making accounts on your home ip, botting them up to certain stats you need for a gold farming method and then gold farm on a different proxy.
  12. MuleTraveler

    [ABCL 10] [ABC2] aAgility v2 [ALL ROOFTOPS]

    Thanks for the prompt responses!
  13. MuleTraveler

    [ABCL 10] [ABC2] aAgility v2 [ALL ROOFTOPS]

    @Aropupu Hey, Im using your script on two different computers, the one that's doing pretty well have this as as the setting: There is significantly less amount of unusual delays. However, on my other computer I have "Only use ABC2 delays hardstuck and it's what i'm assuming that's causing the unusual amount of delays. Any way to get this unticked? It's greyed out and I have no control over it...
  14. MuleTraveler

    [ABCL 10] [ABC2] aAgility v2 [ALL ROOFTOPS]

    @Aropupu Is there a way to reduce the abc2 delay time in between obstacles? I know it's a requirement to have antiban on tribot repository but have it manditory to have a random delay of 1-6 seconds every single obstacle throughout the course is insanely botlike. When most people do agility, they go through the course with no delays between the obstacle and randomly have breaks here and there but not literally at every single obstacle.
  15. MuleTraveler

    LF Paid Private Script- Vorkath

    Is it for sale? O_O