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  1. Dang, haven't given the script a try yet since when I try revs legitly, literally pkers come crashing in every 3 minutes. Glad you guys are doing well
  2. MuleTraveler

    Brought script and its not showing

    In the future, I suggest trying the trial first to get your settings squared away so you don't waste time. If the script showed during your free trial, it should remain after you purchase it.
  3. MuleTraveler

    Muling script request

    Request: A muling scriptDescription: input list of item with variable quantity in the GUI to leave in bank and input list of items in the GUI to take out noted from bank, tp to GE or Castle wars and trade mule ID configurable within a gui. Payment Amount: $1 - $100Time: ASAPAdditional: Looking for a script to be made with the functionality mentioned in the description above. Price range depends if the scripter wants to release it as a premium script or keep it private. Don't mind either or, it'd be a nice script to have.
  4. Definitely wouldn't mind increase in script price if you could add muling.
  5. ^ support for this. Should be relatively simple and useful
  6. barbarian assault would be very nice if you could do it! Literally no other scripts on any other platforms/market and it's something that everyone could use.
  7. You're right. Knight's sword at lvl 3 would suck. let's ditch that idea haha.
  8. bought it and love it! Can't wait til you could automate the whole thing! (Doric's quest + Knights sword + Initial supply purchase)
  9. Will the script sell the bars it made when it needs more money to restock with the GE restock option?
  10. MuleTraveler

    |w| Constructor [REWRITTEN 2.0] [ABC2 L10]

    will give it another go in the future, got the 83 construction i needed for the ornate construction objects for now.
  11. MuleTraveler

    Personal Gold farm

    I'd heavily recommend just buying gold if you're looking into just supplying gold for your own gameplay instead of looking to it as another source of income. Unless you have fully automated trading, muling, and account creation, it's going to be a pain in the ass to bot. No matter how good the script is, botting will get you banned. Time is money and you'll be wasting a lot of time if you don't have automation replacing all your accounts depending on which method you use to gold farm. These days, there are couple premium scripts such as Einstein's that comes with some form of automation (muling) but wcing and fishing is going to make you mils. Seriously, if you're just looking to get funds for your account, buy gold. It's far better than the time you'll waste with the amount of bans you'll go through before you figure out what's good and what isn't.
  12. MuleTraveler

    |w| Constructor [REWRITTEN 2.0] [ABC2 L10]

    the thing is, construction isn't really an AFK /not really paying attention skill. The way you set-up the anti-ban with the script is extremely fishy. People burst through clicks and occasionally may get fatigued or tired and misclick or pause here and there. However, your script literally activates anti-ban delay for every single action: delay in building object, delay in clicking butler, and delay with removing constructed object. It's unrealistic. It makes more sense to follow @Aropupu's example and have the script "simulate afk behavior" every x minute. Either have a toggle that takes out the fishy anti-ban, reduce the frequency of the anti-ban, and or the duration of the anti-ban. Even at the lowest setting 0.1 it's still ridiculous. I get 150k exp/hr with oak dungeon doors playing with my foot on a mouse pad. Again, many people had success with your script and this the script at its current state is "aight" but now that you scripters are getting paid weekly/monthly, i'm holding y'all to a higher standard.