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  1. Long term bot farm questions

    I won't give you any specific methods in terms of moneymaking but in terms of not getting banned I can give few tips. If it's a fresh account off the tutorial island, no matter how amazing your script it or even if you add in your own personal playtime and mix up multiple scripts, there's a cap limit of hours you can play before you get flagged, then possibly banned. So my advice is, after buying a bond for a fresh account, if you want to go for the long run, bot slow. Don't be in rush to get a lot of levels up from the start. Your first week with the bond should be staying low, getting stats up here and there, and slowly start ramping up the moneymaking start of the second week. After the account survives 3 or more weeks is when I usually start getting bold and start doing long sessions or heavily banned skills e.g. hunting. Oops I gave a method away Anywho, best of luck! Take it slow. Experiment!
  2. LF Paid Private Script- Vorkath

    Is it for sale? O_O
  3. Open for any request. [Free]

    Quest script. Lots of quests~
  4. Even though I did state "money is not the utmost concern to you," critical thinking is still applicable here. I'm not looking for a product tailored specifically to me which would jack up the price unnecessarily. Analogy: I'm not asking someone to build a private pool for me solely for my access. I'm offering a suggestion to build a community pool voicing my interest that I for one would pay for the use of that pool if it's built. Even if "money is not the utmost concern to me" there's this difference in scale of what I want and what you're suggesting. Don't quibble with me. I'm sure you're intelligent enough to read between the lines without me dumbing it down and explaining every single point. Well, I thought you were. Now you're being... what do we call it? An internet troll that loves getting into arguments. Let me be more explicit since you love quibbling on small details. Money isn't an utmost concern when the scale of the payment is in the premium scripts are usually $2-10 a month. $100 for a single script isn't something I personally want to do. Stop trying to shove it down my throat. Do you enjoy getting in an argument, exaggerating minute details, trying to appear to be intelligent? It was amusing at first but I'm getting real annoyed as your fulfilling the stereotype perfectly despite you constantly staying "Hey man, i'm down to earth." "I'm chill." "Also, Tri is not the only one to make a private script." Jesus. I think you're in the wrong profession. You're far better off as a Salesman than a marine. Throughout the whole conversation, I said I'm not interesting in a private script and yet you're still trying to suggest it just so you can quibble of my "money is not the utmost concern to you" statement.
  5. Have you ever gotten a quote from one of the premium scripters here? The pricing for private scripts is not in the price range of what I'm looking for. Base price for buying pre-set items at pre-set prices with 0 anti-ban or w/e was $80 for starter. You'd wonder then, how much a progressive fm would be. I have a reason why I didn't go your route and "just ask for a private script" and stand by what I did. There is no need to elongate this conversation. Good day.
  6. You are right that Tri doesn't have a free and premium version of the same script. However, as you said, it is dependent solely on the Scripter and all I did was offer a suggestion. You are completely free to critique my suggestion, but again, I think you were and still are misunderstanding. "Instead of making everyone else pay for it" - I am in no way forcing anyone to pay for it. Out of EVERY script in the repository, there isn't a single script that resulted in the free version from being discontinued when a premium version was introduced (exception of beta scripts that were free for a limited time for testing purposes). If scripter added additional features and wanted paymented, the scripter usually just adds the premium version to the repo and leaves the free one available. Correct me if I'm wrong. From my standpoint, all i did was request an additional - and as you acutely pointed out, unneeded, feature while offering to pay for this extra feature and offer this availability to any others who wish it. You misunderstood this as me requesting that he turn this free script into a premium. This is stupid and would be unfair to other users, I agree. My attempt was to clarify my intention that me requesting an additional feature and offering an incentive to do so is simply business.
  7. From my first post, I can see where you get the wild conclusion that I want to turn this free script into a premium where everyone is forced to pay. That is indeed dam stupid, I agree. However, if you take a look at the repository, with some background knowledge you'd know that there are free scripts with premium versions that are the same as the free version with extra features. I'm sorry I didn't explicitly mention this but critical thinking goes a long way. Also, being a marine DOES have something to do with this. 9/10 you guys are aggressive and once something has been decided as the "best way" by you guys it's so dam hard to get y'all to see from a different angle. Shooting down ideas without thinking. You guys are trained in extreme condition that forces you be aggressive by nature, I admire it but at the same time, annoyed by it. This whole conversation could've made shorter if you politely asked, "why would I want to be forced to pay for a free script?" Instead of seeking clarification, you sought conflict and belittled my suggestion. Very Respectfully, Fellow Consumer P.S. Botting five skills to 99 on an a single maxed account that has been played on for a while is significantly easier than purely botting all levels from a fresh level 3 account. Congrats on getting 700 levels in three days on your fresh account though. Again, come back to me when that account lasts longer than a month Congrats on botting 5 skills to 99 on a maxed account though. Takes massive balls.
  8. New to botting, how does proxies work with VIP-E

    What you can do is read the resources others have posted for you! They fully answer your questions.
  9. I have 3 accounts with total levels ranging from 1500-1750 purely botted. I'll tell you right now that I didn't get accounts this high without getting banned by "only botting to make profit."What IS stupid is that you're applying your own belief of what everyone wants. You think botting to 99 fm with WT would be safer or do you think botting with logs/other methods is safer? The answer is no one method is safer but by mixing tasks up, chance to get banned gets decreased from my personal experience of botting accounts to mid main levels. My way of botting worked for me, talk to me when you can get an account without getting banned in a month Mr "ex-botter" that just came back and knows the best and the right way to bot. I don't know how many times I have to say it, but not everyone wants to bot from 1-50 fm then do WT to 99. So let me correct you, you're wrong in thinking that there's only one correct/best way. Let me give you an analogy of what you're doing right now. Im at McDonald's and I put in a order for two 10-piece chicken nuggets for my two sons. You, being a fellow customer, walk up to me to tell me how stupid I am for ordering two 10-piece when ordering one 20-piece is so much cheaper and better. However, what you fail to realize is "money is not the utmost concern" for me and I for the convenience of having total of 20 pieces in two separate bag, one for each of my sons, ordered it in such a way. I was wondering why you were so aggressive and close-minded but I understand now that it must be from your experience with the marines. Please think before you type. Don't shove your personal methods/ideas/preferences down others throats and think others' ideas are stupid. I will be using this script far more than just 10% of my fming experience. I use fm to add in variance in my bot schedule, not to make profit. What may seem the best for you is not the best for others. I hope you can understand where I am coming from. Looking forward to your response. From, Chairforce Edit: please don't come back to me saying I could've requested the 20-piece in two separate bags. Because some McDonalds don't do that.
  10. Just because you wouldn't buy it doesn't mean it's stupid. Not everyone wants to bot WT to 99 fm. There's progressive combat, wcing, fishing, mining why not fming? You like Stop and starting scripts, I like it automated. It's a matter of preference. Purpose of botting is to decrease our manual input. It could be made free but that'd be more work for Tri and by making a premium version he will be paid for his work by those who prefer the premium version. Being paid for extra work is not stupid at all.
  11. @Tri Could you possibly make this progressive? Maybe a premium version?
  12. Runecrafting Scripts,

    On another botting site, I believe Czar's script has muling capabilities. I don't remember too much. It's a $10-15 script.
  13. Why the weird camera movements?

    Thank you for your insight! Look forward to using your scripts in the near future
  14. Why the weird camera movements?

    My apologies, didn't know scripters did not have the control. Then could whoever is in charge of antiban address my question?
  15. Why the weird camera movements?

    I have bought as well as tried a decent amount of premium scripts on tribot and I noticed that every single on of them had antiban where the camera rotates down and makes the character look at walls. This results in a lot of right click + left click interaction when a lot of the cases it could've been a single left click. By camera rotating down, i mean the effect you get on your screen when you push the down arrow key on your keyboard. Is there a reason why every scripter is implementing this abnormal camera rotation? Maybe it's just me but when I play legit, I seldom do right click + left click interaction e.g. right clicking the door and then left clicking open door instead of just left clicking the door and opening it. Also, I prefer to key my camera at a "up arrow key position" so that i'm viewing down from the sky so I can see where i am walking rather than clicking through walls. I've been using these scripts for couple months now and I managed to hit a 99 in one of them so if it works it works. Just curious why though? Isn't it the goal to simulate human behavior when botting? Am I the weird one and a lot of people actually click through walls to interact? Visual example, scripts frequently do this sort of interaction rather than