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  1. So i've been looking for a decent Agility script. Currently for Canfis and then so on. I've preety much gone thru every free script and even tried a few of the VIP trials featured on here for Canfis course and really does not look good. Some just stop working right off the bat, Some work a little but then always at a certain roof they start having delays and just moving back n forth on the screen which just seems sketchy to me. If anyone has any ideas I would appreciate it
  2. I've heard of chainbans, Personally I've got a total of 3 accounts banned, The first account I ever got banned it started off as a temp ban then I decided I really could care less and tried another script and ended up getting perm banned. I made 2 other accounts after put bonds on at level 3 and they got perm banned right off the bat. So i'm not sure if that has something to do with my IP or maybe it was just the level and script I was using. My first account that got the 2nd chance I did a few quests on, And was just using a autofighter and did a little work on, Had some cash and a dragon defender aswell. But the other 2 I just put bonds on and started spinning flax, and the other minning, Since then i've only really used the premium NMZ bots from here and they work like a charm, I've done training services for people using the nmz script and not once ever got banned. I use VPNS now and bounce around from botting at home and work aswell. But the nmz is flawless. Hope that helped a tad.
  3. So I was watching a youtube video about this guy who was botting to max cape, All 99's. He hit the subject of runecrafting finally, He found a script that required him to get a few accounts put on some bonds and the script had these other accounts run his main account essence, All he had to do was trade the alts accept the pure ess and craft the runes which made his account less likely to get banned? Does anyone know where I can get a script like his.
  4. Beastykiller


    So I went ahead and just bought a script, Sure I should have tried the trial but I had no idea that getting a refund back for a script that goes right over my head would be such an issue? So I paid $10 for the ExNightMareZone. I messaged the creator of the script in a pm and let him know what the issue was, He said refund denied? Like are you seriously kidding me I pay for VIP and sure hes a moderator on the fourms but really there are plenty of other bot sites out there I really enjoy tribot i've been using them for years. But like cmon if somebody does not like the script you have and wants a refund just give them the refund back I literally opened the script and it wasn't for me. Does not even support the type of range training I'm trying to accomplish on my accounts. No offense to the guy but really I don't see myself using the script and I ask once again give me my refund back so I can go buy something I will actually use -Beastykiller
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