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  1. The shift dropping is not working anymore, it keeps getting stucked in the settings even though the option for shift dropping is activated. any chance for a refund? i bought it for 180 days....
  2. Rabadon2013

    Scrip Instances Expiring?

    having the same issue, someone please help
  3. Rabadon2013

    Paypal wont work..

    So i just tried to pay with a credit card, my friend gave me it. But when i try to buy credits its says..Payment failed: Invalid amount..
  4. Rabadon2013

    Paypal wont work..

    I dont know if im on the right section but i need help with the paypal payment option. I verfied my paypal email address but if i pay with paypal i get this Error message in the top of the website :Connection Exception - Got Http response code 400 when accessing https://api.paypal.com/v1/payments/payment/PAY-6AX07555PM1948029LK322YA/execute. pls help i dont have a credit card right now^^ and sry for my bad english, i only have these basic english skills from the school.