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  1. HUGE issue when banking via the deposit box (i.e. in the mining guild). Instead of depositing all items in inventory, it deposits all WORN items. I'm sure this is a simple fix...
  2. Request: [ P ] Simple Item CombinerDescription: I am looking for a script that repeatedly combines two items in the inventory. One of the item inputs is stacked, while the other is an individual item. As such, banking would be required after each inventory. After all of x items in bank are combined, I need to cast a simple spell on all of the finished products... I have a video that explains exactly what I need. Payment Amount: TBDTime: ASAPAdditional: I know that this is a very simple and quick script to make. Please let me know if you can help.
  3. No longer works, I think the interface IDs maybe were updated?
  4. Can this script click on each item and combine with another one by one? It just stops after doing one go. Edit: Got it figured out, but it's kind of slow when you're combining 14 + 14 items in your inventory one by one because ABC2 keeps kicking in. Is there a way to reduce this?
  5. Ah sorry, the description reads as if there is an "Eat" option in the script xD "Food is automatically detected (must have the Eat option) and the script should end when out of food."
  6. Script is working great so far. How do you toggle the eat option?
  7. @Tri many people have been commenting about games neck tele to burthorpe being broken. I think this is because it's incorrectly spelled in the script (shown in GUI as "burthROPE"). This should be a very easy fix if you get around to it. Thanks!
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