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  1. I didn't bought premium script, I downloaded "LAN Chicken Killer" and running it only for few hours a day
  2. I'm going to give it a last try with script which is supporting "ABCL10". If I fail, then I exit this for ever.
  3. I bought hides for tanning script (I did that, because I don't know better way for making money with bot) and I bought membership too.
  4. I used "Auto Tanner" script on one account and "daxChopper AIO" on second account.. Which paid premium script do you recommend?
  5. I was using Tribot for one day and I have just got banned on two accounts which I had. It's quite sad because I paid 6.5$ for bot + 12$ for in game currency.. I think that they will ban all my new accounts too.. Please can anyone improve "ANTIBAN" system?
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