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  1. Bot can't do job at banking stuff, it stuck on bank screen and scroll in the middle and has no idea what is it doing.
  2. by using the bot, every time it enter the fire alter, straight away, without crafting the runes, it use the ring and teleport to the duel arena again, every now and then.
  3. Why does bot kept clicked on the Ranging Potion in every one minute? Please could you fixed it, thanks
  4. I have bought this script today but pker killed me third time :/ i don't know how to make bot log out when any players come to me.
  5. Could you please fixed it, I have been waiting 3 days and thanks you
  6. Hello, I have issue over random events when random event appear and it in my spot of where i lay on traps, bot trying to click on the spot where traps are or it keep clicking on random events but random event it in the way so it need to be right click and click on walk here.
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