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  1. Looking to buy the script: Does this support coal bag at Motherlode?
  2. themonk

    Skilling after a while

    Would you advise the same thing if I needed 150m? Just checked prices for Arma set. Chestplate is 30m alone lol. But then, I'll buy have to buy mems on other accounts or is f2p botting still safe?
  3. themonk

    Skilling after a while

    Thanks killerjanne! This makes sense. Though why is skilling at GE the safest? Also, what are the best places to buy gold atm at a good price? Is Sythe still alive? Lastly, is TAU GE script a good script to begin with if I have almost no experience with flipping? (Plus I barely know anything about the items that came out in the last 6 years lol)
  4. themonk

    Skilling after a while

    Hey guys, Just came back to RS after 6 years and am planning to buy some scripts (Tribot or otherwise) for skilling on a new account. From what I have read, Hunter and RC seem to have high ban rates. Which skills and bots in your opinion don't have high ban rates but make decent, if not great money? Before you assume: No, I'm not setting up a bot farm to sell gold. Just trying to build a ranged pure with a decent cash stack (~50-70m) that I can use as a main in future. Any useful recommendations/tips would be deeply appreciated. Cheers!
  5. Struggling with two things: 1. The reaction times 2. While I want the bot to pick up big bones and limps, it often ends up prioritizing them over the kill. Since it's a competitive place, more often than not other players start attacking the giant and the bot ends up waiting a long time (xp/hour suffers). How can I solve this?
  6. themonk

    Need quick help

    SOLVED. The problem was, I had x86 JDK and x64 JRE installed. Removed the x64 JRE and installed x86 JDK version 8 and it worked. Cheers!
  7. themonk

    Need quick help

    Also, by latest java do you mean JRE or JDK or both?
  8. themonk

    Need quick help

    Thanks for the quick response! However, I get this error even before the TriBot loader can start. As soon as I double click the jar file I get the error: You need Java 7.0_25 or higher to run TriBot. (9)
  9. themonk

    Need quick help

    Hey Guys, This is my first time setting up TriBot and I know I'm missing something pretty obvious here. Below are the details: The Error I get 'You need Java 7.0_25 or higher to run TriBot. (9)' despite downloading the JDK and normal Java. Clicking okay leads me to the java website. I've tried downloading Java using that link as well. What kind of java version do you have installed? Latest JDK 9 and Java Version 8 Update 144 from java.com What did you try to fix this yourself? Tried installing JDK 8 and Java 7.0_25 What kind of OS are you using? Windows 10 (AMD Ryzen CPU if it matters) Can you please help me solve this? Cheers!