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  1. Having problems with DaxHunter, I click to start the client and it starts to load and then asks me to allow via firewall promt(I have a mac OSx this happens with most bots i just click allow) but it freezes at this point. I have a spinning think wheel and it is non responsive ******managed to get rid of firewall prompt but still freezing when I run the Bot**************
  2. I am trying to use daxHunter and whenever I start the daxHunter bot it bring up the firewall prompt asking me to allow(ussually happens for other scripts and i just allow) but then my bot becomes unresponsive. Anyone heard of this or can help? I use Mac OSX
  3. Pictures of new errors hope it helps thanks
  4. I updated the java and got new errors Description of the bug (be specific): its says stuff about security in the error screen How often the bug occurs: everytime Triggers of the bug (if known): logging in to the client Java version: java 8 update 40 Max Heap Size: 256 TRiBot client version: just downloaded from the site im not sure where to find. Operating System: mac os Script Name: N/A TRiBot Old-School or RS3: old school Client Debug: will post picture Bot Debug:N/A Screenshots (if any): not sure where to attach picture posting this then looking more
  5. Please help me i just want to bot i have no clue what is going on, please help asap. thanks
  6. Someone please help what does this mean i cant do anything past this? please help i want to bot!
  7. i am getting an error message saying its having an error initializing vm, i dont have a proxy and i think my java is up to date, i am playing on a mac