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  1. Exchange OS gold for TRiBot credits... It'll cost you like 12M OS for a month of VIP. Should be able to make that back plus some if you're offering to help others bot for Gold.
  2. Why aren't you using the TRiBot proxy feature? Seems simpler.
  3. Creation of accounts on home IP

    Anytime dude. I believe it's created on whatever proxy the client is running on. Be worth testing it out - if you're still getting locks then you know there's a disconnect.
  4. Multiple proxies through one client

    Trying to play on 3 different proxies. Thank you, @Adventure_Time! Took your advice with the Fake proxy test and it worked as expected - client was unable to load.
  5. I'm confused on how TRiBot handles mulitple proxies for one client with multiple tabs. When I start the client I select a proxy from the Proxy field (shown below) and login. To check to make sure my proxy was correct I go to View -> Runtime Information and it shows me the proxy I just selected. This works as expected. Now if I wanted to run 3 "tabs" under 1 client... I would start the client like above, then go to Client -> New Client Advanced and select my proxy. After each client loads up, I check View -> Runtime Information and it shows the Proxy from the inital login. If I right-click on each tab it shows the proxy I entered into the Advanced Client Setup. Not sure which proxy each tab is using? Any guidance would be greatly appreciated!
  6. Creation of accounts on home IP

    Try using a tut script with account creation.. the lock is from different IPs, not neccessarily flagged.
  7. Creation of accounts on home IP

    Used to do this and it worked well, but recently had almost my entire farm banned - only link was creation IP. Just be careful.
  8. It could be a couple of things... 1. combination of luck / fishing level... You catch more minnows as you level up and I've seen a ~30 - 40K variance in gp / hour based on number of minnows caught. Internet connection - if your connection is laggy it makes response times slower which decreases catch rate Most likely not a script issue.
  9. Where do you guys get your proxies?

  10. Where do you guys get your proxies?

    I personally use BlazingSEO - haven't seen anyone else on here mention them. I've never had an issue, they're the cheapest I've found (a little over $1 / proxy) and are all IP authorized so it's super easy to load into TRiBot.
  11. Couple of questions... 1. Does this support splashing? (i.e. "AFK" for ~20 minutes, then interact) 2. Any idea why script doesn't work with client break handler? Thanks!
  12. It definitely works, but occasionally gets stuck "adjusting camera". You can generate arguments @ http://fisher.encodedscripting.com/arguments Good luck!
  13. New build for Multiple Accounts

    Honestly don't know enough about processors to provide any reliable guidance there
  14. New build for Multiple Accounts

    You need at least 32GB to run 40+ clients and still have a usable comp..