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  1. Jooq

    ABC2 Mouse Movement Off Screen

    Just write your own
  2. Jooq

    Super Lost Read description....

    Try restarting your computer. If that doesn't work uninstall and then reinstall Java.
  3. Jooq

    Item pickup and bank script

    Try using this format:
  4. Jooq

    How do I save multiple tiles to one array?

    To start, you need to know how to create an RSTile: // Creates an RSTile object RSTile tile = new RSTile(x, y, z); Then, as Jamie said, you would add your tiles to an ArrayList of RSTiles: // Creates empty array list ArrayList<RSTile> tiles = new ArrayList<RSTile>; // Add individual tiles to ArrayList tiles.add(new RSTile(x,y,z)); // Creates method to add mulitple tiles public boolean addTiles(ArrayList<RSTile> tiles, RSTile... newTiles) { for(RSTile tile: newTiles) { tiles.add(tile) } return tiles.size() == newTiles.length } If that doesn't help clarify things I'd recommend spending a bit of time learning more about Java.
  5. Jooq

    I keep getting banned non stop

    You've had a number of successful goldfarmers tell you the issue. Please don't ask for help if you think you already know / aren't going to listen to the answers. To confirm for yourself, start an account on one of your proxies getting bans and one on your home IP. If the account on your home IP survives and the account on your proxy doesn't your IP is flagged.
  6. Jooq

    Fastest and cheapest skill to 99

    Don't do wine.. Most fish are profitable and still great xp. http://oldschoolrunescape.wikia.com/wiki/Pay-to-play_Cooking_training
  7. Jooq

    Autoclicking after 2 day ban??

    Appreciate the well thought out response, and while I don't necessarily agree with your conclusion, your theory is sound.
  8. Jooq

    Autoclicking after 2 day ban??

    Very curious to hear more about this.. Proof of this instant detection?
  9. Jooq

    Autoclicking after 2 day ban??

    I disagree. If your click is designed to mirror human click intervals & occasionally "misclick", it's virtually undetectable. I maxed my main using a private auto clicker in NMZ and ran ~12-14 hours a day with no issues.
  10. Jooq


    Works with Resizeable now?
  11. Jooq

    Having trouble "focusing"

    Will do.. Was thinking you would pair the hop with a click to simulate clicking back into the game on your target
  12. Jooq

    Having trouble "focusing"

    I know I'm a bit late on this.. Ever get it worked out? Also, couldn't you just "hop" your mouse to your reentry point to simulate regaining "focus"?
  13. I've gotten 100s of accounts to 99 with this.. no need to baby sit it. Just bot smart.
  14. That's a TRiBot error. The script doesn't control logging in. Try restarting your client 2x and deleting hooks.
  15. Jooq


    Would be awesome if you did brotha. Snippet works great on fixed!