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  1. Pretty sure I've seen it in a few spots on the forums, but just in case you missed it don't bot on accounts you don't want to lose... Also, check this out for safe botting tips: https://tribot.org/forums/topic/35728-tutorial-for-safe-botting/
  2. Seems like adding quests to a profile removes them from the GUI for other instances while that profile is running.
  3. What skill to bot next..?

    Humble brag? Nice. Mining or agility - both aMiner & aAgility are solid.
  4. @Final Calibur awesome script man. Noticed a couple of minor issues.. Account gets stuck at Juliet dialogue if she is inside and not on the porch Sheep shearer doesn't seem to check the bank for balls of wool Sheep shearer occasionally gets stuck spamming the shears through the roof Doric's got stuck in Lumby basement on Task '[FC Miner] Getting pickaxe'
  5. Creating scripts

  6. Creating scripts

    But you can't so it doesn't really matter... It's literally $8.00 for VIP-E. People have bigger issues if they can't swing $8.00 / month.
  7. Building sleeps into bailing would also help.. Seems like when you get on a "bailing" only Trawler it spam clicks for the entire time.
  8. Running at 75% ban rate at Trawler for me... Switched up methods and can't seem to find anything that works. Had a couple run less than an hour get banned.
  9. Logging in to RS webpage using a script?

    Ya should be able to use it in multiple languages (i.e. Java or Python) .. Just look through the HTML of the log in page you're trying to access to find the Username / Password keys.
  10. Logging in to RS webpage using a script?

    Ya you would just create a For loop that runs through your list of accounts
  11. Price of sharks is crashing so that's not too far off what you should be making... You could try leaving the client open instead of minimizing, that might help a little . For some reason there seems to sometimes be a drop in performance when minimizing the client.