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  1. Nah im not gana spam 80 posts for $3.6 lol. Sorry but i guess no sale.
  2. Unless you are significantly trusted i wont go first. Cheapest 3.6 credits you will ever buy. My reasons for selling is that iv just had better success elsewhere so i think my time on this forum is done unless i need its marketplace.
  3. Oh wow what a nice guy despite the hate he got. Translator definitely made him sound nuts though lmao.
  4. "God forgives his offenses against us Venezuelans, thank God that in his country the economy is good, and some time next my country will be the same as before, anyway God bless everything for his obscene comments," This guy is nuts
  5. Aye idk if you know but the bots broke. Keep up the good work homies. Your shit broke though so look at it.
  6. *edit It just seems like the bot doesnt want to start the chopping sequence. Bot runs to the trees fine and everything but stops once it reaches its destination. Tested on progressive and on custom locations.** Yes im having the same problem now. I think it might be the client after last night update from jagex. My shift drop problem was fixed. I logged into my bot having 62 wc so i sent it to my custom yew spot. Its walking there but the mouse keeps clicking to settings tab and setting brightness to second to lowest level and also turning on re-sizable mode.
  7. virmach is terrible and over priced. I dont farm anymore but i used them and heard from others that you should build your own for best results.
  8. I'm running a suicide farm right now that takes 10 hours of training and one hour of money making to be profitable. my accounts are getting banned just about every 24 hours and within that 24 hours im making 12-14m
  9. I was looking for a vps and found this great one with 24gb of ram. Then at check out i see this. Seriously!?!?!?!? WTF
  10. Looking for a quote for 5 and 10 hand trained 60/60/60 accounts with lost city complete. Will be looking for this service in about a week or so.
  11. Well aint that just a shit in my ass. Time to start training!
  12. Iv been out of the botting scene for a while and am searching my method of goldfarming. I have something in mind and would like to buy a few accounts as apposed to building them myself. Is there a reason we dont have account trading? Is it just because that market is full of scammers or what?
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