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  1. kyler1994

    iMediumSolver by iant06 - BETA

    lemme beta test?<3
  2. kyler1994

    iClueSolver by iant06 - BETA

    Congrats on paid release.
  3. TY! keep up updated, can't wait to continue botting. I'll not risk LG or normal client till patch release (:
  4. i would bro but was ban hammered, just looks like a pile of rocks and just follows you really doesnt mess script up or anything
  5. ahh, just dont fancy purchasing another script lol
  6. gonna buy soon, just wondering ban rates via looking glass? trying to use best scripts or each skill i understand that theres alot of factors that add into bans
  7. works fine, only thing i can suggest is quicker withdrawing on the grapes and wines and creating so xp stacks, can hit 500k xp p/h with them, but this hits 265k
  8. kyler1994

    Delta Cooker

    Ban rate getting bored of legit wine making
  9. kyler1994

    iClueSolver by iant06 - BETA

    sweet, have noticed the fally one sometimes gets stuck and wont open door when looking for that dwarf in the second floor, the feluonde guy or whatever, keep up the great work (: