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  1. got it working, had to change the sitekey
  2. Hey, not to long ago jagex changed stuff on their sign up site. My account creator broke after that and ive been trying to get it working again. One thing that they changed was that they hid the captcha. If anyone can point me in the right direction that would be appriciated. This is what im currently "sending" to the site String params = "&email1=" + email + "&password1=" + password + "&day=" + day + "&month=" + month + "&year=" + year + "&create-submit=create" + "&g-recaptcha-response=" + recaptchaResponse;
  3. What you get: Private socks5 and http proxy (one port for each) High speed High uptime 1 month duration EU or US located proxies Login+Password authorized Payment methods: OSGP PayPal Prices currently: 2M or 2$ Contact me on discord: Goodis:2208
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