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  1. Whats the prayer level of your Gmaul pure?
  2. @ownsgood impossible for tribot to hack you for 2m. They wont risk doing that. However, you could provide us more information on the issue. Like what bots you ran, any links you clicks on the website, etc...
  3. @Encoded Woah Thank you so much! Those stats are exactly what I wanted to know <3
  4. @lets be friends Thanks for the clarification. That clears my misunderstanding! I guess I would just stick with the absorption method as I do not have the prayer for piety:( @WYD I am using a bot so AFK or not is not really a problem for me:) Thanks for the help! I guess I will just stick with the absorption method
  5. I am trying to choose between the absorption method or prayer method for faster exp/h
  6. Thanks! That Helps! Are prayer method generally higher exp than absorption if I don't have Dh? And is MTD better than demon in this method?
  7. Hi guys, I have a 70 attack 85 str 40 def account. I do not mind spending some money on prayer pots for faster exp at NMZ. However, I am unsure of what my inventory setup should be (no. of pray, absorption and overload potions) and what prayer options in addition to protection from melee should I use. I will be very grateful for all your suggestions and help.
  8. I botted strength in warrior guild and botted another account's strength in lumbridge and fishing in draynor. I actually tweet them, email them and use any way to contact them on the first account. On the other hand, I just click the ban appeal button on the another account. My ban was quashed yesterday (within one day of ban) as I made up a pretty good story for the first account .
  9. @Encoded its two different script using two different bot systems on combat I wonder if it is the vpn I used that cause the ban.
  10. I recently botted two accounts for around 10hr/day using a VPN for 2-3 days. Interestingly, it was logged out and got permanent banned at the same time. I wonder if this is an IP ban or there is just a standard time for all daily bans to be activated.
  11. Hi, I know I am new. Are you willing to use a middlemen for the service?
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