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  1. Doing a test for f2p bot

    Expecting f2p accounts to last more than a day lul
  2. RSGP Massive Crashing?

    probably https://runescapegoldmarkt.com/ they force you to deliver to the buyers tho lol
  3. RSGP Massive Crashing?

    Maybe at kaiis place. Every other site is offering .76 or less.
  4. Mass Account Creation Help

    Account creation uses recaptcha which is 2.99/1k so 3k captchas.
  5. Wheres a good place to buy vps's/socks proxies

    Most proxy services are detected and you will get locked after tutorial regardless.
  6. Predictive Movements

    If its something that will happen often, cache the location and move the that when you need to predict, if its a one time thing, hard code where its going to be.
  7. fps dropping

    If you are running a local script just disable the graphics on each client with this. public static void setGraphics(boolean value) { if (!TRiBot.c.E.get("Disable Graphics").isSelected() && !value) TRiBot.c.E.get("Disable Graphics").doClick(); else if (TRiBot.c.E.get("Disable Graphics").isSelected() && value) TRiBot.c.E.get("Disable Graphics").doClick(); }
  8. Check if Object has been removed/depleted

    2k/h damn that seems very productive.
  9. Tribot freezing? post here!

    If your talking about actual tabs within the client you shouldn't use more than 2. If you are talking about separate tribot instances then something is wrong with you.
  10. Error Loading Local Script

    ignore this he has no clue what he is talking about.
  11. Minimap arrow/destination

    It's probably a setting or varbit with a bitmask to determine which location it is.
  12. Script Companion Application

    Anything that helps with full automation should not be released for free. The f2p market is already completely fucked because of the client starter erick released.
  13. Tribot mining

    Scaling has no exponential effect on profit. If you make 10$ daily with 1 rig, you aren't going to start losing money by running 20 rigs.
  14. Tribot mining

    Power costs is basically going to be the same for any GPU currency, and the same for any CPU currency. Either way, power is negligible compared to what you make and the ROI.
  15. Tribot mining

    Because I have mining rigs lol.