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  1. Cool PM'd you another bug (had player info) during grand tree Same bug on another account, I did 1 dialogue manually but the next and the next... don't work either
  2. Weird, happened again and the first time I was asleep, probably something else? 3rd account same bug, all had 3 dbones and the wildy amulet 4th account same bug (saw it this time) It died and had 3 bones, withdrew amulet from bank and just sat there saying "withdrawing bones" Also after being killed does the bot hop? Since it got stuck I manually withdrew the bones but then it tele'd straight back and died again xD
  3. Could you implement a kill switch? I keep seeing my accounts get stuck on random parts (this time in lummy bank after dying doing dragon bones) and they just loop guaranteeing a ban. Would be nice if the script could terminate if it looped the same action X times. 2nd account out of 6 to get stuck at some random part and loop forever. edit: another account stuck here
  4. Script got stuck (on sea slug) talking to the boy in the shack and just kept going in and out (wish I had screenshot) It just repeated for hours.
  5. Awesome, also does magic progression work? If I want it to auto cast a spell what would the attack style be (It has it set to 4 by default, but won't let me add progression steps when it's on attack style 4)
  6. https://gyazo.com/8063d79766f5cb960e5fcf324177f251 Nothing happens when I attempt to change buying options
  7. Adding a smart hop feature would be cool, if a user gets crashed for 4-5 minutes (can customize) it will hop. Also with progression mode the option to move spots would be dope, just some ideas.
  8. *might be a dumb question* but what exactly is "Stop Level Skill" in the progression mode, if you can give me a small example that would be great, love the script again!
  9. Can you add a feature which will accept all trades so we can give the bot items/gold to do another task?
  10. While using magic potions it continued to drink them, sip after sip non stop (should of course wait, only happens with magic potions tho)
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