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  1. i think you should also add killing men in edgeville, just from herbs it's like 100k + easy clues would make it decent money maker ! maybe even better than hams in long term?
  2. so weird, 1 account lost its gp(about 300k), other account lost all gp from inv and all items that i was buying from bank, hmm. might have been mods!
  3. I'd like to get a refund, the script doesnt work properly with nature master/slave, i chose safe paths, 2 of the slaves managed to die, other got banned in 2hour time. Also Erick not answering on either topic or skype. This script made me loose alot of gold.
  4. ian, whenever it gets a clue scroll "search the drawers in gertrudes bedroom" or something like that, it tries to access the house through the back which is locked and it just gets stuck there - keeps spamming the door. https://gyazo.com/9cf48165f219e314cd5452e57bff1db6
  5. bought it , can be closed.
  6. pm me with ur skypes or leave ur skype below.
  7. iFlex


    how many accounts would this vps be able to run ? https://gyazo.com/d9263b8acdcad22dfbc2e3604a701c84
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