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  1. the script doesn't really work with the cannon @ rockcrabs tbh.. i have been trying this out for the past 2 days on a new pure that needs to stay low HP, it runs fine for the first 20-40 minutes, but after that i often find it spam-reloading the cannon while it doesn't re-aggro the crabs so it doesnt do anything but click the cannon.. = ban. and after about 20 mins it stops reloading the cannon and says "we have failed to reload the cannon 8 times so we will stop using it " like what the fuck? i'm sorry but this script is really bad as it is right now.
  2. Script is broken. CANNOT start on its own, i have to manually get it inside of the dream, once inside, it just keeps spamming the absorption pots FOREVER. Also, i have said this months ago aswell, everytime it re-stocks on potions, it walks to the bank, on the EXACT SAME TILE , every time! Then it just opens the bank, and stares at the screen for a few seconds and closes the bank. This is just a loop tbh and doesn't make any sense, easy to detect.
  3. turm elite

    [ABCL 10] [ABC2] aAgility v2 [ALL ROOFTOPS]

    absolute shit script. It´s a big joke that this is a PREMIUM script. I´ve gotten a 2day ban on my main account after 2 hours of use, i have played this account legit for more then a year. The script is so Bot-like its sad really. I was botting the wilderness course, and it was clicking the same tiles almost every single time, sometimes even failing to get through the pipe and then just run around the whole course without actually completing it... TRASH.
  4. turm elite

    How long do your bots last?

    6 bots on my hunter farm yeh. I have some zulrah and dragonkillers running on a VPS.
  5. turm elite

    How long do your bots last?

    i've dealt with a bunch of ban waves, but they never take out EVERY SINGLE bot of my farms.
  6. turm elite

    How long do your bots last?

    they were all banned at the exact same time, so they did get chainbanned.
  7. turm elite

    How long do your bots last?

    i just had my small hunter bot-farm banned... within 5 days. they all were running on different proxies, and somehow they all got chainbanned.. never had this before. i was running 6 bots with dax's premium hunter script. wanted to make a small black chin farm, but got chainbanned at reds
  8. Im not stupid. I cant click anything on the client anymore as soon as it freezes. And alot of people are experiencing these issues.
  9. turm elite

    Client freezes

    I can't bot anything, espescially hunter is fucking me over
  10. turm elite

    Client freezes

    glad it's not just me... @TRiLeZ
  11. please fix it dude, your script keeps freezing out the client every fucking time for the past 3 days @daxmagex
  12. turm elite

    Client freezes

    My bots keep freezing at random times, the client just completeley freezes, the GUI of the script dissapears, and i can't click anything anymore. This is really fucking with me for the past 3 days. even when i'm NOT running any scripts, the client just freezes, the runescape log-in screen is just rendering fine, and everything moves, but the client itself won't let me click ANYTHING.