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  1. Nevermind, I found out what I did wrong. Thank you so much @Einstein
  2. It is now telling me "resizable mode not supported, please change to fixed". My OSBuddy client is in fixed mode and yet when I restart TriBot it gives the same message. Do you know how to fix?
  3. Thanks for the fast reply! Should I just load the login screen on OSBuddy then hook Looking Glass OR should I login in on OSBuddy, minimize, then hook?
  4. Hello, I bought VIP-E and decided to bot with the Combat AIO script. I use the “Looking Glass” feature on the tribot with OSBuddy open. On much OSBuddy screen there is no stuttering or delay, on tribot how ever it will freeze for about a second every five seconds. I have set up a frequent break on the break manager and anytime my bot attempts to relogin, it gets hitched and messes up my email and/or password. It is then left to continually reattempt to login infinitely with a jumbled password and email. Is there any way to fix the freezing? Maybe there is a setting somewhere that’s will completely backspace my email and password every failed attempt? How can I fix this please?
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