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  1. So I needed the JDK?
  2. How do you mean added?
  3. Having same problem helppppppppp.
  4. Describe the Problem: Cant download client? I guess.. Operating System (Mac OSX, Windows 7, etc): Windows 10 toshiba.. Was it Working at an Earlier Time (Yes/No): Just tried to download Screenshots (If Relevant): Bot/Client Debug (If Relevant): Additional Information (Provide as Much as You Can): Requires me to "open with"...
  5. Can someone tell me how to download this on a windows 10 toshiba? I download, open, and it pops up with "open with" and i'm not sure what to do.. Help pleaseeeee.
  6. http://gyazo.com/9114154d55cc25d9e0f4f46883eab6de JUST bought, pretty dissapointed. Add me on skype please "Sausageturtle"
  7. Hey man, I purchased this script some time ago. I just started it up earlier. Everytime it entangles, it does it 2 more times before it attempts to catch it. It's been running for about 40 minutes now, and it's only caught 3 imps. Not sure why, but i'd like this to be fixed.
  8. I need someone to explain to me step by step for the break handler. I am totally confused and I have no idea how to set it up/use it.
  9. Bro, This isn't working very good. It keeps clicking "walk here" and it runs back and forth multiple times. I'm kind of dissapointed with how the script works.
  10. Still getting stuck here - http://gyazo.com/2c1010c2b20e91ffc07069f2e5db569e Smoking Rock still breaking pickaxes @ Varrock east iron. I'm using Mousekey dropping - powermining method. When do you want to finally fix this?
  11. Can you uhhh finally fix your script please? Thanks.
  12. As I told you in my last post, I was using powermining methods at Varrock East Iron mining Iron. I tried all of the powermining methods ( M1D1, Mouse Key dropping, and Normal Dropping.) Pickaxes always break due to the smoking rock.
  13. I probably broke over 20 rune pickaxes from smoking rocks, after it breaks it goes to the bank and then gets stuck. I'll post a picture of where it gets stuck and also I'm mining Varrock east iron with powermining methods. This is where it gets stuck at after the pickaxe breaks and it banks for a new one. - http://gyazo.com/19030afc7fc510bb239599f69618b0a3
  15. Not even a reply? What the hell. I again woke up to a 10 hour proggie, this time i died. http://gyazo.com/0d58f88abaa5e31b3bc351854ae09274 This is not a virus for you fuck nuts. Thats a screenie of my proggie and where i woke up to. 10 FUCKING hours. Fix your script, or I want a fucking refund. PISSED AS FUCK ASSHOLE.