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    Mouse recorder script?

    So I’ve had great success over a lot of accounts using mouse recorder software for skills without any bans, (1 -2 hour recordings, used daily for the last 3-4months). For rc, wc, mining, agility etc So im not sure if a dumb question or not but could there be a mouse recorder script? Only because using these software takes control over your mouse, so that way I could have multiple bots running thank you
  2. mthomas4

    Mouse recorder script?

    Get 13m exp with rc on a script running it 6 hours a day without a ban?
  3. mthomas4

    Mouse recorder script?

    i currently have a 40 attack 93 str 1 def pure, all the script does is reset the tile for sandcrabs, no camera movement and I do that for easily for 4-7 hours a day
  4. mthomas4

    Mouse recorder script?

    the camera rotation is disabled in Runelite and Osbuddy, So LG with Osbuddy. Done no rotation. lel. edit: Obvs don't use a method that as a moving npc lel, Altars dont move, banks dont move, teleport to egdeville doesnt move... Think outside the box
  5. mthomas4

    Mouse recorder script?

    not really, on RuneLite the rotation of the map doesnt occur, so it's quiet simple to use. when theres no camera rotation it's super simple to get it working with minimum effort
  6. mthomas4

    Mouse recorder script?

    Static mouse paths? If you record an hour long record the chances of getting banned is super low. I’ve gotta over 13m in rc with the same 1 hour recording, and about 8m in mining with another 1 hour recording
  7. two problems atm with the script 1)Attack portals - doesn't work, afkers and cant path 2) the "points gained" doesnt update, so you cant tell how many points you have "defending the knight" seems to be working fine
  8. how about a farming script?
  9. Sorry if a noob question but How does it handle the stronghold of security door questions when walking to the stop?
  10. The script GUI seems to freeze when i click "load current invertory" Edit: LOL jks got it work! amazing script
  11. mthomas4


    does it work with rock crabs?
  12. Hey runs perfect! but to lot the reaction time are killing seems to be very high like 70432,46021 for example, is there any chance of lowering it?
  13. mthomas4

    Netami Warrior Guild - Gathers All Defenders!

    Hi, Script had a little problem sometime when theres already a Animator Armour (someone elses) and it tries to click on the tile to start your own personal one, it just spam clicks on theres, could you maybe add a right click selector? so it doesnt try to click through someone elses? besides that it looks great!
  14. mthomas4

    Decent Rock Crab Bot for 1 def pure

    Tri AIO combat can do it, just set it up. If you cant set it up then rip
  15. mthomas4

    Netami's AIO Woodcutter Development

    what price are you looking at?
  16. mthomas4

    [FREE] BEG Item Combiner

    I need help combined Compost with saltpetre i cant figure it out
  17. mthomas4

    Netami's AIO Woodcutter Development

    would it support zeah banking??
  18. mthomas4

    [Premium Scripter] Looking For Some Script Requests!

    or a Blast Mine mini game
  19. mthomas4

    [Premium Scripter] Looking For Some Script Requests!

    how about a script to get house favor in Zeah?, like getting all houses to 100%