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  1. mthomas4

    Account sales?

    cant sell accounts here my dudes
  2. the Slave/master doesnt seem to work? i have about 5 runners, they dont trade the master? note: im playing the master
  3. After it creates the account, it doesnt log in and do tutorial island? (solves captcha and sits there)
  4. Just putting my unwanted opinion here hehe, But; maybe i could suggest we have baby dragon support for Green > black dragons, As i know dragons have a high ban rate ?
  5. Hey mate great script, any chance you could include "auto buy Herb Box", and when available the bot will buy the box and bank it? if not all good I'm being greedy here
  6. mthomas4

    WB Farmer BETA

    ohhh how soon is soon??
  7. WESTERN SYDNEYYY MY BOIIIIIIII!!!! I have 3 pcs and 2 laptops so i dont use proxies just 1 bot per pc lel, but are mostly mains/ pures not really used for gold farming
  8. mthomas4

    NMZ bosses

    So yes theres obvs the bosses for afking guthans but was wondering is there a boss set up that you could use (very weak bosses) to afk, with a str only weapon and high defense gear? thank you
  9. Get 13m exp with rc on a script running it 6 hours a day without a ban?
  10. i currently have a 40 attack 93 str 1 def pure, all the script does is reset the tile for sandcrabs, no camera movement and I do that for easily for 4-7 hours a day
  11. the camera rotation is disabled in Runelite and Osbuddy, So LG with Osbuddy. Done no rotation. lel. edit: Obvs don't use a method that as a moving npc lel, Altars dont move, banks dont move, teleport to egdeville doesnt move... Think outside the box
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