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  1. Got 3 accounts that I'll start testing with, 95 CB Maine, 70cb voided, and a 1 def pure. So hopefully within a couple days I'll post what I've been finding. Thanks!
  2. are you able to add bank to Zeah? or a custom pathing or bank? not the web style finding banks. as banking on Zeah doesnt work. ty great script btw!
  3. hey bro can you add the v2 to my account, I am a life member. Cheers
  4. DO you need to buy multi Auth if you want to do Master with some slaves?
  5. For some reason with LG im getting stuck at "Starting client" and its all black? any ideas? thank you
  6. Im having a broken when I try run the script im getting an error of: food: Lobster food: peach food: Lobster food: peach Thank you if you know the answer!
  7. I know they updated NMZ so you can select your own bosses, just wondering has the script been updated? I want to buy it, but making sure first hehehh thank you
  8. Does custom pathing work on LG? I know some other scripts you cant use "custom pathing" in LG?
  9. Whilst using looking glass on osbuddy it seems to crash a lot, it only seems to been happening recently. Any ideas?
  10. I have a question, I have my food set to tuna as I train with tuna but occasionally the monsters drop Cooked meat, is there a way to set it up with multiple food so that way it would eat tuna, but loot cooked meat and eat that as well? thanks great script btw
  11. I have problems with setting up tasks, if it doesnt have the right teleport it just turns of? are you able to show what item it needs. eg atm trying to "Travel to pollnivnech" loops then closes.
  12. nice script does works well, but a problem I found on my lower level account it will spam click the slayer target but is not aware it's already under attack from agro, so it will spam click the target for minutes until it realises it's already under attack.