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  1. It's been less than 48 hours since this script has stopped working, I'm currently in the process of transferring some data to my laptop then I'll get the update pushed asap.
  2. I'll address all the issues mentioned e.g skill interface, xp checking and a check if you're out of gold within 48 hours hopefully
  3. The script should be able to kill the monsters in the MM tunnells, although it won't attack the middle monster for maximum xp, yet Hey, if you set your ammo on the first page of the GUI it won't loot each single dart You can type in items to loot by name or ID Type in the noted iron ores ID in the loot list. Where are you trying to train? Hmm that doesn't seem right, are you using looking glass? And did you select alching on the first page of the GUI? Will be fixed in the next patch. Remember to set up your ammo on the first page. Won't be adding in antipk any time soon, but it can use all the teleports already Will be released in a future update The script is running great!
  4. Tri


    Gratz on vip lol
  5. Hey man this sounds like an issue with your setup, not the script itself. Try lowering your fighting distance so that you'll only fight monsters in the room you want to train. And in your banking settings select DaxWalker. If you need help doing this add me on skype: tri.tribot
  6. Big news: ( as you can see by the font size ) Huge script rewrite is near completion and will be released at the end of the month. Including a number of improvements and a GUI overhaul to make it easier for new users to use the script The script is still running great.
  7. Select daxwalker in your banking settings Yes Fixed thanks for letting me know Send me screenshots of your settings and I'll help you get it going If you navigate to %appdata%/.tribot and copy over the TriGUISettings folder you will have your old configs Add rock crabs as your target and set the tile in the area you want to train, the rest is up to you F2p botting on lumbridge goblins is probably the highest ban rate out of any activity, doesn't matter which script you use. Try becoming a member and doing some activities by hand such as questing before botting your account. The script is very safe to use.
  8. Hey tri, excellent bot although when inside the varrock sewers, after cutting the web, it will say action failed and it will spasms with trying it again...in the debug client, bot wont move. Shortly, using dax webwalker will do its thing till web, cuts it but will not continue walking after that. I waited 5 min till log out. 

  9. Hey Tri,

    is it possible if I contact through discord or skype? I need help setting up my scripts to level my magic up

  10. Yes the new thread is here
  11. Bro the tri combat is not attacking if u world-hopped in an area where monsters attack u first, if it gets attacked for example crabs while world hopping it sits there getting attacked till you die, if world hopping away from other players is on the script does NOT run for 3 hours because it does not recognize that the player is not fighting the npc back when being attacked.

  12. yo man i was wondering if your scale collecting bot is updated and does it support walking to a safespot to tele for deadmanmode

  13. Aplous

    Your puro puro script is broken for me, mind getting on Skype/Discord?

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      Just post on the thread with info like this: