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  1. Fixed Also make sure you're not blocking anything on the tribot firewall. The script is running perfectly!
  2. Can you send me screenshots of your settings and I'll help you get it working
  3. Hey guys sorry for my absence of the past few days, like I said in an earlier post there was a huge storm that took out power and internet in my area for about a week, but we're back in business ! Today's update is mainly bugfixes and I'll focus on new features over the rest of the week. But the script is back up and running perfectly again Update: Fixed banking and breaking issues. Fixed an issue with emergency teleports Adjusted the attackCurrentNPC method to make it more accurate Fixed Fixed Select 'Bank when out of food' in your banking options. Good to go Let me know how it's running now If you send me your settings I'll tell you what to change my skype is: tri.tribot Fixed now Let me know how it goes! Looting is prioritized over fighting at the moment, although I plan to add an 'only loot your kills' feature very shortly Depends how you want to use the script, you'll have to be more specific. Fixed Yes the script has a very strong antiban an randomizes all activities. The script won't group them up, yet but it can drink potions and attack them and then bank when needed. The script is running Perfectly! And we've nearly killed 70 million monsters in the past few months guys, keep up the good work!
  4. I believe this happens when rsbuddy goes down making the script hang while price checking, I'll make price checking on a separate thread when power is restored which will fix this So it is running back? The script does randomize the tile already but only by a small amount, I'll increase the parameters for you :). Please send me a screenshot of your settings and I'll tell you what to change to get your desired result Do you have banking enabled? Will look into this The script does this already, just select the tabs instead of runes in your banking teleport settings. If you select equipped glory it should automatically replace it when it's broken. or else you can type amulet of glory(*) with a * in place of the number and it withdraw whatever is first in the bank. (works same with potions aswell) Activate banking and type the items you want to withdraw for each inventory in. Will look into these when powers restored KBD support will just be a custom clicking method as tribot won't currently click it due to the size of him. As requested by a user Typed on my phone
  5. Hey guys sorry for the late response! A massive storm hit New Zealand on Monday, leaving a lot of the country with no power or internet. Everyones working hard restore all of our services but unfortunately I live in a low population area so we've had lower priority, although we're expected to get power back tomorrow. Once we have it back I'll get to work on the new features
  6. Tri

    Rewie's Romeo&Juliet

    Congrats on the release!
  7. Tri

    We DEMAND Emoji Support!

    Please baws we need emojis I'm like literally dying without them rn but I can't show it
  8. Update: Worldhopping & banking now reset the no xp gain timer The switching spots may be added in the future, I'm thinking of a clean way to add it in. Ammonite crabsis nearly finished, just need an account for testing, i've pmed you The script is running perfectly!
  9. This script is actually very safe to bot magic with. Please learn how to bot safely before blaming it on the script. My main advice I've given out hundreds of times; is to bot realistic hours that a human would actually be able to play. If you're botting regular combat then yeah a person could keep that up for a day, but please tell me you would be able to sit there doing something as click intensive as stun alching for an entire day. I'd be using short breaks every hour or so if I were you. Countless people have achieved 99 magic and nearly 3 BILLION magic xp has been earned in the past few months with this script, it's just a matter of being responsible. Sorry to hear about you ban.