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  1. Update: Fixed above errors Also check out this proggy I just got sent!
  2. Update: Fixed nullpointer bug The script is running fine
  3. @rezah On the left side of the page, click 'refresh target', and add the monk of zamorak to your target list. And then click 'set current tile' down the bottom left of the page so it knows where you are. That's it The script is running Perfectly!
  4. Update: The script can now safely worldhop for a variety of reason! Fixed profit tracking while banking (Untested but it should be fine now )
  5. Up the top of the tribot client click view>firewall and make sure you've allowed the script to access photobucket.com If I were you I'd just train as somewhere completely random, e.g gnomes/khazards/hobgoblins/moss giants in that order and you should be fine. Also worldhopping when other players are around makes things a lot safer Click 'set current ammo as primary ammo' on the first page and it should only pick up stacks bigger than around 3. Please send me a picture of your banking settings, by the sounds of it you're just spelling it wrong, make sure you put a capital S for Salmon, let me know I'll need to borrow an account that can kill abyssal demons, I've never fought them before Thanks, fixed The script is running Perfectly! Make sure to add me on skype if you need help, my skype is: tri.tribot
  6. Hey, i got a problem with aio combat script. if I am upstairs of any location next to stairs, it goes down... how to stop that

  7. @bballchump I'm yet to find the script zoomed in, try disabling middle mouse zoom here:
  8. Update: The script no longer hops to the new deadman worlds The script is running fine
  9. No the script can be run for as long as you want without VIP Update: The script will no longer worldhop to the new deadman worlds The script is running Perfectly!
  10. Fixed Fixed Fixed Fixed Bone bolts are already added Update: The script no longer worldhops to the new deadman worlds Fixed special attacks Fixed potions The script is running Perfectly!
  11. Sure add me on skype: tri.tribot Update: Implemented the new deadman worlds. If you start the script in a deadman world, it will know only to use deadman worlds, if you start in regular worlds, it will stick to regular worlds. Enjoy! The script is running Perfectly!