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  1. Yeah it can use all the shortcuts in taverly dungeon and will automatically use them depending on your agility level Add me on Skype and I'll help you set it up my Skype is: tri.tribot Yeah it can, add me on Skype and I'll help you set it up: tri.tribot When using combat potions it will drink based on your attack level. So if your actual level is 60 and you enter in 4, it will drink when your boosted attack level is below 64. the script is running perfectly!
  2. HUGE UPDATE! The script is now capable of training at MANY MANY new locations thanks to the implementation of DaxWalker! This means you can now fight monsters and bank from pretty much everywhere on this map: (As well as train in dungeons such as The Stronghold Of Security!) To use this feature, simply select 'DaxWalker' from the dropdown menu in your banking settings like so: #Note: DaxWalker is still in beta status so a few areas are not yet supported. (Although most are!) You will get a message in the client debug if a location is not supported Simply select another banking method if DexWalker isn't working. Enjoy!
  3. Tri Pest Control pro is still very functional and is about to receive a big update
  4. To fix this; up the top of the TRiBot client click view>firewall, and make sure you're allowing access to photobucket.com. The script needs to access photobucket to download images used in the paint. If you need help doing this feel free to add me on skype: tri.tribot The script is running PERFECTLY! Enjoy
  5. Very clear and good service after requesting help on the first day he replied it only a few hours. Greatly appriciated and the script is already running very well, also some extra help provided which I aswell, greatly appriciate.

    I will most probably purchase this script, eyes very clean and offers a very broad spectrum of automatisation.


    Thanks alot for the help! Will be back

  6. 15/1/2017 Update: Fixed worldhopping issue where it would occasionally click worldhop when you were still in combat Tweaked the 'Plank make' spell in the lunar spellbook to be more human-like Fixed a targeting issue with multi-combat training, it's perfect now The script is running PERFECTLY! Enjoy Glad you liked the script, if you would like help setting it up don't hesitate to add me on skype: tri.tribot Add me on skype and I'll show you how to set it up my skype is: tri.tribot
  7. Bought credits off him! A++

  8. It sounds like somebody else has tried to access your bank account on RS and has entered the bank pin incorrectly too many times. I recommend changing your password and running a full virus scan on your computer.
  9. Yes simply select 'training in a multi combat area' on the first page of the GUI. Try leaving the f2p accounts for a week or two before botting them, botting anything on a f2p is very hard as accounts are highly monitored when first created. Add me on skype and I'll help you set up humidify my skype is: tri.tribot Simply add sand crabs and sandy rocks to your list of targets, and then set your fight area down the bottom left hand corner of the first page and it will fight them and reset their aggro when necessary the rest ( healing, potions, banking etc. ) is up to you!
  10. NEWS: Stronghold of security will be added later this week, along with many many more training locations thanks to @daxmagex! Yeah I recommend using looking glass while using any script, also where abouts are you training? It's safest to train at a private location although 100's of people have achieved 99's with this script and common locations too Add me on skype and I'll help you set it up, my skype is: tri.tribot Chaos druids are a great way to make money with 1 defence!
  11. Congratulations @ponymermaid77! Thank you very much for the feedback! I'll ensure everything is working 100% in the next update, if you find any other unusual behaviour let me know and I'll fix it in the next update. Also, the script can already use quick prayers, check the bottom left hand corner of the gui
  12. As long as you message me every night before bed I'll stay sane Nah I've had skype on my phone for about a week now and it's great, I prefer to answer questions straight away rather than letting them build up. I used to log in and find 30+ unread skype messages to reply too, now that makes you go insane
  13. New Update: Safe spotting has been upgraded! This means faster, smoother and more accurate navigation to get you back into your safe training spot faster The script is running Perfectly! Remember if you ever need help with using the script, add me on skype: tri.tribot I now have the skype app on my phone, so I can reply to you at nearly all hours of the day! There is also a 10 hour free trial available for new users to the script, check it out here: https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/651-tri-aio-combat-magic/