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  1. Will investigate when I'm home from work Hey if you go to https://tribot.org/repository/user_panel/instance_manager/ you can kill any background instances that are running. Investigating when I'm home It really depends on your level, if you're low level there's chaos druids, al kharid warriors, flesh crawlers etc, at mid level you have dragons, giants, ankous etc, and higher level you can do wyverns, tzhaars, brutal dragons etc. It kills everything so just be creative! Glad it's working well for you! High arching is relatively safe anyway, and uses abc2 antiban to do human interactions with your surroundings every once in a while. Never killed vokrqath but if its instances then it won't be able to bank from there yet. If you use the loot over x feature and dont type in the items name; it will only pick up stacks worth more than the value you enter.
  2. They must have updated the interface ID, thanks for letting me know! I'll get it running when I get home
  3. Hey @Pyxo Thanks for letting me know what is causing the issue! Will fix after work and update you guys when it's running. sorry about that!
  4. Update: The script is now running perfectly again enjoy! The script now aligns the target and the close option for increased efficiency. The script uses realistic human clicking times between each click. Updated the worldhopper to use my latest methods.
  5. Great release wilwill be useful for puro puro bots
  6. Will fix as soon as I get home . Loving the consistancy of client and forum updates btw!
  7. Tri

    Flax spinning bot

    Doesn't look like it uses ABC2 antiban.
  8. Glad you like it! I'm using banking right now and it's working perfect, try selecting daxwaller in your banking settings. Hey there please send me screenshots of your settings and I'll show you what to change
  9. Update: Worldhopping has been rewritten to be more efficient and reliable. Fixed all known potion bugs, and made the drinking more efficient ( It will drink when you're at around half boost, with a good amount of randomization ). The script now properly handles pending bank pins. More updates coming tomorrow! It should be able to kill them, there is a free trial available on the repo Sure will add tomorrow Fixed sorry for the wait! The longest instance I can offer is 6 months, pm me on skype for details
  10. Sure, simply add them to your targets and set your fight tile/area, then select your desired looting and banking options. If you'd like specifics on looting and banking let me know, but most are self explanatory Feel free to send me screenshots of your settings and I'll tell you what to change if you're confused.
  11. In the long run I'd love to add in complete slayer support such as getting new tasks, but it may be a while before this feature is added. The main issue with this being that you'd have to change your gear setup for all of the different monsters available which would require an overhaul. But it will be added eventually! Hey man that's very unusual, on the first page of the gui are you setting your primary weapon up? And make sure you start the script wearing the dragon defender. Waterbirth crabs are not currently supported, but rellekka rock crabs, and sand crabs all over Kourend are supported. Ammonite coming soon! Hey man thank you so much for the feedback! I've noted everything you've said down and it will all be looked into on my debugging tomorrow ^_^. Could you please send me screenshots of your settings you use when you have issues looting? Thanks! Which area are you training in? Select spin flax as your spell to use, and add flax to your banking withdraw list To cannon and alch at the same time; Set magic as your skill to train Select high level alch as your spell to use Type the name of the item you want to alch in the provided box Enable cannon Select reload options This should work fine If you still have issues add me on skype and I'll be more than happy to help, my skype is: tri.tribot Sure! Coming this week. If you allow the script to place the cannon itself it will work perfect, or else make sure you set the cannon up on the same tile you set your area on. Sure I'll add in a failsafe for it