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  1. Make sure you select daxWalker in your banking settings, it is required for stronghold of security. Hey man, unfortunately lifetime auths expired / were removed due to abuse. But I'm more than happy to give you a generous discount too you and/or create a custom package for you that suits your needs the best way to sort this is to contact me via discord which is in my signature.
  2. Nice progress man! Loving it! Let me know how it goes for you . Update: Price checking and the 'loot over x' feature are now run on a seperate thread to the core actions of the script, this means if RSBuddy / OSBuddy are offline and the script is unable to grab prices, the performance of the script won't be hindered at all . Lovely! Keep my updated on any issues you guys come across and more importantly, keep me updated on your gains . I may even hand out a few discounts for those of you with some awesome progress pics to show! Need to get some new pics up of the new paint so send them through .
  3. Optimus


    Yes I can confirm my script doesn't interact with those interfaces. I've also had the same problem multiple times but haven't managed to catch a stack trace of it. Deleting my hooks and dependencies seemed to fix it. I'll try catch the stack if it happens again.
  4. Update: Stun/curse/combo alching is working perfectly and has been optimized for better xp! I just did 3k casts flawlessly with no problems . The script now supports brutal black dragons again! If you're using ranged it will safely fight from a distance . How's the script running for you guys, and any ideas for new features?
  5. Yes you can simply add the crabs to your targets and set your tile and you're good to go, it will re-aggro when necessary. (Also if you set your fight distance to 1 it will just use auto retaliate.) Let me know if you need any more help