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  1. Hey could you explain how the progressive isn't working please I'll have a look at the cannoning now, is it having problems when it levels up? Adding divines as I type this Also interesting idea about the worldhopping, i'll try implement this shortly. And you can end the script with the script queue.. How much heap space are you giving it? A previous post also pointed this out, sorry about that I'll check it out now . You should enter in all of your tasks into the first GUI settings file. Yes it does I havn't killed demonic gorillas with it before but you're welcome to try with the free trial Hey in your .tribot/screenshots folders you should have some pics called something like "AIO Timeout", could you send me those and i'll be able to see why it's timing out Sure it's free on the repository here: https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/651-optimus-combat-magic/
  2. We just hit 200 Million monsters killed! The numbers are flying up lately and I'm just amazed at the progress you guys are getting with the script! To celebrate I'm taking 20% off the price of all Optimus AIO Combat & Magic packages for a whole month! For any new users; here's a brief description of what the script does: Optimus AIO Combat & Magic is an AIO (All in one) script that was designed to train your account up from start to finish. Whether you want to train your slayer up while training your combat stats, or train your magic using any spell from air strike to ice barrage, it's all supported. I've poured over 5 years of hard work and development into the script; and the result is a safe & easy to use script that should meet all of your botting needs and expectations. The script also implements advanced antiban methods created using thousands of hours of real human playing data, I've managed to make the script out-perform most human players, while also avoiding detection and staying under the radar from Jagex's anti-bot technology. The script is now 20% off! VIP IS NOT REQUIRED >>>Redeem your discount by using the following code at checkout<<< 200M This promotion will end in a month! Repository link: Combat features: A quick list of some of the features: Ironman mode: The script now supports ironman and ultimate ironman mode accounts, and will only attack / loot your own monsters on those accounts. Kills every monster in the game including: Sand & Rock crabs + makes them aggressive again All dragons + can keep safe distance from Brutals All slayer monsters Monsters in dungeons e.g Stronghold of security, Slayer dungeon etc And anything else you can think of... Intelligent combat system that supports the following: - All food types + bones to peaches - Banking for more supplies at every bank in RS - All special attacks + weapon switching - All potion types (Including NMZ potions) - Full prayer support + quick prayers + recharging prayer at altars - Dwarf multicannon support + anti decay - Guthans for healing - Safe spotting - Worldhopping when certain conditions are met - All magic spells supported + can re-equip staffs and setup autocast for you automatically - Progressive training system so the script can automatically switch training methods / equipment when it levels up. Intelligent looting system that supports the following: - Looting by item name or ID - Loot items by item price (E.g loot all items over 500gp) Ironman looting - Only loots from monsters you've killed - Loot using telekinetic grab - Bury bones you loot - High alching the loot you pickup - Accurate profit calculations & tracking And much much more... Magic features: The script is also an AIO Magic script that supports every single combat AND non combat magic spell available on the regular,ancient and lunar spellbooks. Including: All combat spells All cursing spells All enchantment spells Superheat item All teleport spells All alchemy spells ( Can combo alch between casts to double your xp ) Splashing The script can also train with the following lunar spells! Humidify Plank make Superglass make Tan leather Spin flax String Jewellery and More! So what are you waiting for, try out the script today for only $1! VIP IS NOT REQUIRED Click the image below
  3. Update: Fixed worldhopper The script is running great Sorry about that, fixed No need to be rude there buddy, just letting you know, it was a tribot update / change that broke it. For some reason now whenever you worldhop the login bot activates and pauses the script, so it wasn't able to confirm you'd swapped worlds. I've used an alternate method now though and it's fine
  4. Update: Fixed an issue with the worldhopper getting stuck in an endless loop. The xp tracker and runtime display now work properly when using the break handler The script is running great! Hey are you able to send me some screenshots of your settings and of the errors you're getting? Currently working on a fix. Thanks for helping him out man Fixed thanks for letting me know! Hey that's strange, could you hop into my discord and send through some pictures? Where are you trying to train? And could you please send me some pics and i'll help you get it working The best way to reach me is through my discord
  5. Two minor quality of life updates: Pausing the script will now also pause the script run timer. When using "Bank when out of prayer potions", the script will no longer leave straight after your last sip. The script is running perfectly You guys have any feedback? Are you enjoying the script, have any suggestions, progress reports, ideas for features etc let me know.
  6. Update: Fixed an issue with depositing items using an asterisk * instead of a number. (If you type an items name with an asterisk in place of the number, it will use any dose / charge it finds in the bank. For example Ring of duelling(*) will make it use any charge of ring of duelling, or Stamina potion(*) will make it bring any dose - It will use whatever is first in the bank. The script will now turn on run if you're under attack while navigating. The script is running perfect Lmk how it goes! Fixed & done Hey man what would you like to know about to current progression? Plenty of users just run it 24/7 although I'm not going to suggest that because long botting sessions do inevitably increase the risk. It's safest to only bot hours a real human would do by hand. I haven't been banned at all in the past month, and I don't track other peoples bans. And the movement is very clean and accurate, it mimics a real players mouse movements and playing style very accurately. There is also a 10 hour free trial available on the repository if you want to try it out, or the script is on sale at the moment for only $1 Let me know if you need anything else
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