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  1. You need to download and install Java
  2. Another update for today; Added in the following Teleport methods for navigation to/from the bank! Enjoy Chronicle to Champions Guild Ectophial Xerics Talisman to Glade Xerics Talisman to Inferno Xerics Talisman to Lookout Burning Amulet to Chaos Temple Burning Amulet to Bandit Camp Burning Amulet to Lava Maze Slayer Ring to Gnome Stronghold Slayer Ring to Mortyania Slayer Ring to Rellekka Cave Ring of wealth to Grand Exchange Ring of Wealth to Falador Ring of Wealth to Miscellania Combat Bracelet to Warriors Guild Combat Bracelet to Champions Guild Combat Bracelet to Monastary Combat Bracelet to Range Guild Nardah Teleport Scroll Digsite Teleport Scroll Feldip Hills Teleport Scroll Lunar Isle Teleport Scroll Mortton Teleport Scroll Pest Control Teleport Scroll Piscatoris Teleport Scroll Tai Bow Wannai Teleport Scroll Elf Camp Teleport Scroll Mos Le Harmless Teleport Scroll Lumberyard Teleport Scroll Zullandra Teleport Scroll Revenant Teleport Scroll
  3. Best way to contact me is via my discord: https://discord.gg/cP7a4xz

  4. Todays update: The script now uses the latest version of DaxWalker, you should all see an improvement in navigation let me know how it goes! Is the script going to the bank, or just stopping looting altogether? Could you also please send me some screenshots of your settings, thanks!
  5. Todays update: Fixed all know issues, the script is running great! Should be working perfectly again now
  6. I only now just saw your messages on discord, and I can guarantee you I didn't delete any messages. Please stop spamming the thread I will reply to you on discord. Thanks. Script update: The script now supports using the Bones to peaches spell from the spellbook! ( Previously would only use tabs). Enjoy!
  7. Restart your client Let me know how it goes Thanks for the feedback, I'll look into this today if I have time Hey man, which part of it is slow? Have you tried increasing your mouse speed? And are you using looking glass?
  8. Optimus combat and magic "fighting area" automatically on the compass at the top right of the minimap? How can I fix this? 

  9. Hi @Turbotim sorry for the delay, I will promptly fix this issue today. Would you like a refund or to continue your subscription with the script? Cheers
  10. Sorry about that mate I'm not at my laptop today but I'll get that sorted ASAP. I'll post when that's fixed
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