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  1. @zemp0 The script doesn't yet support tele-alching, but I'll try add it in tomorrow! @luberda All of your issues should be fixed, thanks for the feedback! And please let me know how it goes . Also - The trial version and full version are the same. @wafel The script won't yet get a new slayer task for you, but it can kill all of the slayer monsters, you just need to get a task and start it from the bank.
  2. Today's Update: Worldhopper has been completely fixed. The script now correctly knows when you're out of runes while autocasting. The script now tracks how many cannonballs are loaded in your cannon. I have removed a few GUI options and just randomized when you will load (Info in debug). Removed some unnecessary client debug. Fixed a camera angle bug ( make sure to restart your TRiBot client ). Optimized some old code to reduce CPU usage. The new JavaFX gui is nearly ready! It is looking beautiful and should make the script even easier for new users to use . If there is any new features you'd like added let me know and I'll try add them in asap. The script is running perfectly!
  3. Optimus

    System idle process?

    System idle process is simply a background process that runs when the CPU has nothing else to do. It is actually a good thing if it's using a lot of CPU, that means you have spare processing power available for when you need it .
  4. I've updated the pricing and increased your instance count to accomodate for different types of people botting. Your feedback is appreciated so let me know what you think!
  5. @jayfrancis Worldbopping has been fixed, setting a safe spot will stop you running around. As for the cannon crashing I'll release a patch for that asap. Let me know of any other issues you have.
  6. Restart your client twice after the latest rs update and everything should work fine @luberda You can select when to reload the cannon in the gui, its different for every area because of the density of npcs so just set a stopwatch and see how long it takes to go empty at a certain area then enter that in the gui. It already randomizes then number you type in.
  7. @Alias It was an executive decision not mine, please keep chat about lifetime auths elsewhere. I can personally offer you a good discount and script package to meet your needs if you contact me on discord Thank you.
  8. Todays update: Reduced CPU usage by a decent amount ( removed calculations from paint thread, and optimized quite a few aspects ). Fixed emergency teleporting bug while using the break handler. The combat radius paint is now perfectly accurate Minor improvements to worldhopping, all is perfect now. The script is running perfectly!
  9. Hey man, no the current prices are definitely not set in stone. I'm happy to make a pricing plan up that suits the needs of everyone as best as possible. I'll try propose something later, if you hop in my discord we can have a chat about it
  10. Hey everyone, yes unfortunarely lifetime auths have now expired. If you previously had a lifetime auth you can contact me via my discord and receive a discount on future purchases Happy botting!
  11. News: Due to my up and coming name change, this script will be renamed to Rune Combat & Magic within the next 48 hours . I'm still going to be developing the script full time, just under a different name! Thanks
  12. Set high alchemy as your spell on the first page Enter the name of the item you want to alch in the box below Enable dwarf cannon and select reload settings Set the tile down the bottom left of the GUI where you want the cannon That's it I'm available on the Tri Scripting discord if you need further help, link in my signature. The script is running great!