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  1. bank loop. also wanted to let you know, not sure if its just wyverns in asgarnia but  bot likes to attack one npc until around 50% hp then just says screw it and runs to other corner and attacked a fresh one, resulting in other legit players saying wtf, =report.  and likes to spam click other npc while in combat with one next to it. all in all id love to buy this script, please help a  brotha out


    1. karlniedhammer


      i posted in the thread about this. but dont know if youll see it.  asking for clarification if this is user induced error, or something on your end, and requesting a new trial due to inability to fully test script out.

      while  babysitting it seemed alright albeit the errors ive disclosed.

  2. Optimus

    Perma Ban using FTWfishing scritp

    Would you like an inhaler?
  3. Mine also automatically does deathwalk and re-equip . Cool idea for the meat though, would change the game for making new low level accounts.
  4. Update: Fixed magic bug for some OS, should be working great for everyone now. Fixed, lmk how it goes Could you please try start tribot in console mode and tell me what it says in the debug. IF you need help with this please join my discord: https://discord.gg/cP7a4xz Np! Lemme know!
  5. Update: Fixed NullPointerException error. Thanks @potpots for the debug. The script will now use the "deposit all" function when efficient to do so. Thanks @LAMU for letting me know. Rewrote the Magic.selectSpell method, hopefully fixing the idling problem while training with magic. Running a 5 hour test now. Possible fix for the break handler issue. Let me know how it's running cheers I've been slaying the rock crabs and cows: Fixed, thanks Restart tribot Glad you like it! It's 10 hours of runtime Should be fixed. Let me know! Fixed Fixed Done
  6. Optimus

    Auto Smither

    Wish I could help but this isn't my script
  7. Happy New Years everyone, hope you all had a great 2018! To start 2019 with a bang, I'm offering a 15% discount on my premium script: Optimus Combat & Magic Use the following discount code to recieve 15% off: 2019 Example: Repository link: https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/651-optimus-combat-magic/ Forum thread / script info: Script preview:
  8. Update: The script will now automatically logout when you run out of ammo / runes. (Unless you specify to bank for more runes/ammo). Added the "Logout" option in the progressive training manager
  9. Optimus

    Optimus combat & magic

    That promotion has ended unfortunately. But it was legit!
  10. If you add Games necklace(*) instead of games necklace (8) itll use whatever charge you've either got in your inventory or whatever is highest in your bank. The same applies for potions or anything that has charges/doses. Use (*) instead of (number). Are you talking about the rouges den bank? I usually bank at falador while training there. Probably doesn't do upstairs blue drags, I didnt know they excited haha. Can look into it for you Which OS and java version are you using? Will look into this when I'm home. Will also look into this. Definitely fixed now, running well for you? Glad you got it working