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  1. Hey yes the script can burst & barrage, although I dont think the MM caves are pathed yet so it may have trouble banking from there. Feel free to test it out with the free trial Where abouts were you botting and for how long? Also my records show you've never purchased the script.
  2. Oops I've just fixed that . I used the same framework from my Yak Fighter to download the paint images and forgot to rename it. Glad it's running well though! No problem
  3. I'm slowly going back and rewriting all my scripts with the latest and greatest methods, and todays re-release is my firemaker Optimus AIO Firemaker is a free All In One Firemaking script that's efficient and easy to use. Simply click start script and watch the world burn. Overview: The script will automatically detect which logs to use from your inventory or bank, and progressively train your firemaking until you run out of logs. ~ Withdraws tinderbox if you don't have one ~ Supports all logs types ~ Progressive training - Will automatically start burning better logs if they're available ~ Smart algorithm to detect best area to burn ~ One-tick burning ~ Logs out when out of logs ~ ABC2 Antiban ~ Sleek paint ~ Lit AF Supports 8 different locations: (The script will automatically detect the nearest location) ~ Varrock West ~ Varrock East ~ Grand Exchange North ~ Grand Exchange South ~ Falador East ~ Draynor Village ~ Duel Arena ~ Seers Village ~ More to come (Open to suggestions). Gallery: Free repository link: Hope you all enjoy the script! Feedback is appreciated
  4. I've removed this script from the repository, it's redundant compared to my all in one combat script: https://tribot.org/forums/topic/20999-optimus-aio-combat-magic-ironman-banking-potions-slayer-kills-everything-all-magic-training-methods-crabs-brutals-progressive-training-aio-magic-much-more
  5. I've removed this script from the repository, it's redundant compared to my all in one combat script: https://tribot.org/forums/topic/20999-15-tri-aio-range-magic-bot-fights-anythingdwarf-cannonbankingancientsprayersafe-spots-much-more/
  6. I've removed this script from the repository, it will be re-added when I've updated it.
  7. This update benefits myself and the entire TRiBot community, what's not to love.
  8. Update: The script now works on all Linux operating systems! This is great for goldfarmers as Linux generally requires less CPU The script now support all divine potions! Does anybody have an account with access to ammonite crabs that I could borrow? If so please pm me here or on discord The script is running great! The script currently only supports rock and sand crabs, I'd like to add them ASAP but I don't have an account with access. Looking into it now, this only seems to happen when using lookin glass. The script can burst them but it will not lure with darts. Could you please contact me on discord and show me this happening, this has never happened to me but I'd like to get it sorted for you Fixed! Will test both features and get them working perfectly today, will post here when it's sorted Hmm that's very strange, I will look into these today and let you know what the issue was. Thanks Will be adding them today if I get an account to create the logi with . Enchant crossbow isn't yet supported unfortunately.
  9. Update: The script now works on ALL versions of Linux! The script is running great! Gl! Hey no it doesn't support kalphite queen, although it supports all of the other kalphite monsters.
  10. hey, i have a problem with your giant hill scenario. namely, when I put the script on the hill, the giant kills one monster, and then the stuttering bot stops killing them, how to deal with it?

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