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  1. Restart your client Let me know how it goes Thanks for the feedback, I'll look into this today if I have time Hey man, which part of it is slow? Have you tried increasing your mouse speed? And are you using looking glass?
  2. Optimus combat and magic "fighting area" automatically on the compass at the top right of the minimap? How can I fix this? 

  3. Hi @Turbotim sorry for the delay, I will promptly fix this issue today. Would you like a refund or to continue your subscription with the script? Cheers
  4. Sorry about that mate I'm not at my laptop today but I'll get that sorted ASAP. I'll post when that's fixed
  5. What sort of untradeable loot are you talking about? You can find the loot table of any monster very easily on google Superior support will be added shortly, I want to be careful adding it so that users don't die. Yes! The script is always updated. Dax walker has been fixed . Just fight them like any other monster, it'll automatically detect them and behave accordingly let me know if you need further assistance. The script already supports stun alching Dax walker has been updated, try again now Dax walker has been updated, try again now
  6. @[email protected] Enjoy Update: New magic training method: Enchant bolts! - All types of bolts are supported, when you run out of bolts or runes the script will log out. This training method has full abc2 antiban, and uses the keyboard f-keys and number keys to speed the process up. The script is running Perfectly! Haha thanks for the feedback man glad you like it! Any other features you'd like to suggest?
  7. @Rhalala Enjoy Update: The script now support the use of Ice coolers, Bags of salt, Rock hammers & Rock thrownhammers while training slayer! The script will also detect if you've unlocked the ability to automatically use these items and act accordingly . The script is running perfectly! @[email protected] Sorry I didn't have time to add bolt enchanting today, I will add it tomorrow.
  8. Looking forward to it! Yeah multiple inputs into the same output directory would be fine, as long as they're different zips. E.g I select an input source folder that has two scripts named woodcutter and firemaker, would be nice if you could pack both at the same time into woodcutter.zip and firemaker.zip I think a lot of people setup their IDE project location in %appdata%/.tribot/src. With this feature we could just select src as our input, and pack everything at once with one click. p.s I'm just being lazy here
  9. @Fluffee Thanks for the release! A nice feature would be the ability to pack multiple scripts at once, and save / load the previous folders you've just used. Still very useful the way it is though
  10. I will add both features today Which rock crabs are you trying to fight? You should just add them as your target like any other monster and it'll automatically handle it. If you need further assistance please pm me here or on my discord
  11. @DisplayName44 Bias opinion but Optimus AIO Combat & Magic is great for botting combat & magic! If you need any help with anything else feel free to send me a pm or join my discord in my signature
  12. Update: The script now supports Cave Kraken and splashing the Kraken boss! The script will disturb the whirlpool's and attack the krakens when they're spawned, or will continue to splash the kraken boss if you only add that whirlpool's ID to your target list! Thanks for the idea, I've just implemented this so let me know how it goes! The script is running perfectly!
  13. 23/10/2019 Update: The script will now logout and end if you run out of ammo. Added an extra option to "Save points" once you've purchased all your rewards; If you select this option the script will continue to play PC. The other available options are "Logout", or "Repeat list". The script is running great! Thanks so much for the review!
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