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  1. Update: Improved rock/sand crab aggro detection Loot over x value now works with noted items - Enjoy @vipcredits Fixed a cannon bug that made the script leave your cannon behind Fixed a magic / combat idling bug. Fixed a banking idling bug. Everything should be flawless! Feedback on todays update will be greatly appreciated! Enjoyy
  2. Hey which spell are you trying to train with? Select DaxWalker down the bottom right of your banking settings . Let me know how it goes Very impressive! I can see you're making great progress Yes it's fairly safe ^_^. I don't believe you can stun in your house though? if you could that would be OP haha
  3. Update: Fixed a login bot issue Fixed a recursive walking issue that could cause the script to crash. Improved combat engine - faster and more human like fighting Fixed an idling issue with combat @MickyFree91 When training in a spot of just 3 crabs, I recommend setting your fight distance to 1 or 2, it should be able to determine aggro correctly. Note: If anybody experiences any idling, please delete your hooks, and if it reoccurs, take a screenshot and send me your client debug with a script stack trace ( Up the top of the tribot client click client>print stack trace ).
  4. Update: Fixed break handler issue. Fixed potion issue. Rewrote targeting system - The script now preloads your next target while you're fighting, meaning faster reaction times and less cpu usage. New camera methods for interacting with targets. The script will no longer click tiles on the minimap if they are visible on screen. Fixed an issue where the script would leave the cannon on the ground. I've added in some debug so we can find out why the script is idling while casting spells. Enjoy @reanox Fixed sorry the last update was missing some files so the update never went live. @vipcredits Sorry I thought I replied to you earlier, is there a specific area you can't click? @mrstui Lifetime auths have expired, I'm more than happy to offer you a discount on current packages The script is running perfectly.
  5. Optimus

    When a premium script doesn't get updated

    Please show me your gui settings, haven't updated the script in the past 2 weeks as it's been working perfect .
  6. Optimus

    When a premium script doesn't get updated

    Just tested and both are working perfectly. Sounds like you're setting it up wrong.
  7. Optimus

    When a premium script doesn't get updated

    Did you read his post? My yak fighting script is working great, still have happy customers and there is little to no downtime. You've been asking for a new feature that isn't advertised on the thread, and I will do it when I have time.